Sorry Texas, ‘Our States Remain United,’ White House Responds To Secession Petitions

The White House has denied petitions from eight different states, including Texas, that sought to secede themselves from the United States and form their own new government.

Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee all petitioned The White House through the “We the People” section of the government’s website. Each state was petitioning to withdraw from the United States and to create their own new and separate government.

A ninth petition covered by the response requested that everyone signing a petition for their state to withdraw from the United States be deported. This petition was denied as well.

Jon Carson, Director of the Office of Public Engagement issued the response on He began his response by acknowledging that in such a large nation, nobody to expect everyone to agree:

“In a nation of 300 million people — each with their own set of deeply-held beliefs — democracy can be noisy and controversial. And that’s a good thing. Free and open debate is what makes this country work, and many people around the world risk their lives every day for the liberties we often take for granted.”

Carson continues by referring to the Constitution. While giving the people the right to vote, he argues that the Constitution does not give people the right to “walk away.” He further asserts that the Civil War protected the union of the states and the Supreme Court eventually provided that it would remain “indestructible.”

The Public Engagement director goes on to say that challenges are expected and that Americans have the right to participate in the debates and to voice their opinions. The government has provided new tools to give citizens better access to the government, such as the “We the People” petition process.

Carson closes the response by reiterating that it is imperative that our states remain united and continue to work together toward a better future.

As reported by The Washington Post, The petitions were brought forth in response to the re-election of President Barack Obama. The petition requesting that Texas be allowed to withdraw received the most signatures; over 125,000.