Jovan Belcher Autopsy Released, Chiefs LB Was Legally Drunk During Murder-Suicide

The autopsy for Jovan Belcher has been released, and it reveals that the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker was legally drunk when he shot his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, at their home before turning the gun on himself outside Arrowhead Stadium.

Belcher’s blood-alcohol level was.17 when he died, which was about five hours after police found him sleeping outside of the home of his secret girlfriend. That amount is more than twice the legal driving limit of.08.

Perkins’ autopsy results showed virtually no trace of alcohol, and neither she nor Belcher had any illegal drugs in their system at the time of their deaths, according to The Kansas City Star. Perkins died from nine gunshot wounds, fired at her chest, neck, hip, back, and hand. Belcher suffered a single gunshot wound to the right temple.

Police estimate that a person eliminates about.01 of alcohol per hour, meaning that Belcher’s blood-alcohol level could have been.22 or higher when he shot Perkins.

When police found Belcher outside of the secret girlfriend’s house around 3 am on November 31, he initially showed signs of being under the influence, but after he woke up he became “more fluid and coherent.” Police did not smell any alcohol on his breath.

Belcher tried to call the secret girlfriend, who didn’t answer. He went to her neighbor’s house, and the women who answered said he appeared to be drunk, but they let him inside to wait. He fell asleep on the couch around 4:30 am and left at 6:15 am. He then drove to the home he shared with Perkins and the two began arguing. Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, overheard the argument but didn’t get involved until she heard the gunshots. Belcher kissed her, his daughter, and Perkins before driving to the stadium, where he shot himself in front of Chiefs’ GM Scott Pioli and coaches Gary Gibbs and Romeo Crennel.

The couple’s daughter, Zoey, is now living with Belcher’s mother. She will receive over $1 million from the NFL until she turns 18.