Joy-Anna Duggar And Josh Duggar’s Baby Boys Compete For Attention As New ‘Counting On’ Season Gets Under Way

The Duggar family is growing at an exponential rate, and fans are having trouble keeping track of all the babies in the family. At the same time, each Duggar couple is doing their best to make sure that their stories and kids are featured on the family Facebook page. Right now, the two baby boys competing for Counting On fans’ attention are Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby, Gideon, and Josh Duggar’s son, Mason. While both babies are cute, it looks like one is clearly getting a lot more of the spotlight.

Joy-Anna Duggar gave birth to her first baby on February 23, 2018. She delivered a healthy baby boy and decided to name him Gideon Martyn Forsyth. He weighed about 10 pounds and was 22 inches long at his birth.

The Duggar family was quick to report this on their Facebook page and blog. The fans, who have been watching Joy and Austin enjoy their honeymoon in Switzerland during the first episode of Counting On’s new season, were excited to get some updates on the baby boy.

TLC also moved quickly to produce a short clip for the fans to enjoy.

“We are so in love with Baby Gideon,” the family wrote on their blog. “He is as sweet as can be and Joy and Austin are over the moon! We are so thankful for all the prayers, support, and sweet comments!”

Right now, the post about baby Gideon has 11,000 likes on Facebook with hundreds of comments.

Counting On fans were also overjoyed to see the newest baby on the block.

“How precious! Gideon looks so much like his daddy,” one fan wrote. “Babies are a lot of work but hold the promise of the future in their tiny little hands. Sleep when you can and drink in every moment with him! Best wishes to your sweet family!”

“I honestly LOVE Joy and Austin because she has such a hard working man that can do and knows so much,” another commented. “Congrats on the sweet baby!”

Just because Joy and Austin’s baby is the newest arrival in the family, that does not mean he is the only cute member. Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife, posted on her Instagram a picture of baby Mason, the youngest member of her family who is not yet 1-year-old, and showed the public just how cute he is. The Duggar family quickly posted this picture on Facebook in hopes of displaying the Duggars, who are banned from appearing on Counting On.

This picture of baby Mason only has 2,300 likes, which is much less than that of baby Gideon. However, fans have shown appreciation for this baby boy as his parents attempt to get back into the spotlight after the molestation scandal of 2015.

“He is so cute,” one fan wrote. “Found his little toes to suck on. Glad to see pictures of Josh and Anna’s kids.”

A fan exclaimed, “Always so cute when they find their toes and their fingers!”

However, that does not mean they have forgotten about the fact that Josh Duggar was ousted for molesting his younger sisters and planning extramarital affairs, according to People Magazine. Some expressed their fears that he may be mistreating his wife.

“Why doesn’t Josh Duggar stop getting his poor wife pregnant?” one fan asked. “She is a human being, not a baby machine–they have 4 beautiful children -I do not know what kind of father he is.”

The new season of Counting On is expected to not feature the family of Josh Duggar.

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