Matt Lauer Tells NBC To Let Ann Curry Out Of Her Contract

Despite the animosity between them, Matt Lauer wants NBC to let Ann Curry out of her contract so she can move on to another network.

“Matt thinks that NBC should let Ann out of her contract so that she can take the CNN gig,” a source told RadarOnline. “He can’t imagine why the bosses are dragging their feet and are at a stalemate. It would allow Ann to get back on the air on a regular basis and everyone can move on from the debacle. Matt only wishes Ann the best and thinks it’s for the best if she were to take a job at another network.”

As we have previously reported, Curry’s former boss, Jeff Zucker, recently became president of CNN and was reportedly eying Curry to take over Anderson Cooper’s 8 pm time slot. Over two weeks ago, Curry told NBC she wanted to leave and got an attorney to help her find a way out of her contract.

The network, however, has given no sign of letting Curry go. Curry is unable to quit because there is a non-compete clause in her contract, meaning she would be unable to work for another news outlet for two years.

Since the debacle that was Ann Curry’s departure from the show, ratings for Today have dropped dramatically. There has also recently been talk that Matt Lauer is next on the chopping block. Sources have said that his feuds with his former co-hosts (Curry, Katie Couric, and Meredith Vieira) “have taken their toll” and that everyone has turned against him. This latest move may be his way of getting the public back on his side, or he could genuinely want what’s best for Curry.

What do you think of Matt Lauer telling NBC to let Ann Curry out of her contract?