Donald Trump Health Issues, Drug Use Reported In Explosive Story ‘Killed’ By ‘Newsweek,’ Now Posted Online

Donald Trump failed to report important details of his medical history when he ran for president in 2016 — and he has still not made public records that show his prescription drug use to treat a “metabolic imbalance,” according to a previously suppressed excerpt from a Newsweek magazine story by journalist Kurt Eichenwald, posted online by the former Newsweek reporter on Thursday.

According to the excerpt, which Eichenwald said was “killed” from a profile piece he wrote on Trump during the campaign, the journalist obtained Trump’s medical records from 1982, records which showed that Trump was diagnosed by Manhattan endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Greenberg with an unspecified “metabolic imbalance.” The Newsweek excerpt may be read in full online at this link, or embedded below on this page.

As journalist Sarah Kendzior noted on Thursday, in addition to Newsweek killing the 2016 story on Trump’s alleged drug use, the Wall Street Journal also chose not to run an editorial piece outlining what it said were Trump’s ties to New York Mafia criminals.

And also during the campaign, in fact just one week before the election, the New York Times published a major article headlined “Investigating Donald Trump, FBI Sees No Clear Link to Russia,” an assertion that was later contradicted in congressional testimony by then-FBI Director James Comey, as well as by the Times‘ own investigative reporting.

Donald trump drug use, Donald Trump amphetamines, Kurt Eichenwald, Newsweek,
Journalist Kurt Eichenwald, who obtained Donald Trump’s 1982 medical records.

But now, almost 16 months after the election and more than 13 months since Trump’s inauguration, Eichenwald has posted the suppressed results of his investigation into Trump’s medical records, finding not only that Trump was diagnosed with a “metabolic disorder,” but that Trump took the diet drug Diethylpropion, also known by the brand name Tenuate, to treat the condition at least until 1990.

“It is impossible to know the full meaning of Greenberg’s findings. ‘Metabolic imbalance’ is a catch-all phrase for different conditions,” Eichenwald wrote in the suppressed story. “According to a 2007 peer-reviewed study in the American Journal of Managed Care, patients with underlying mental illnesses have a higher incidence of this syndrome.”

But during the campaign, Trump claimed that he was in excellent health, and offered a letter from a different Manhattan doctor, gastroenterologist Harold Bornstein, in which Bornstein claimed that Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

At age 70, Trump was the oldest elected president in U.S. history, but Eichenwald’s findings would seem to contradict the claim that he was the healthiest.

Read the entire excerpt posted Thursday by Eichenwald, below.

Though Diethylpropion is usually taken for only “a few weeks at a time,” according to WebMD, Trump continued to take the drug regularly for about eight years, according to the Eichenwald Newsweek excerpt.

“Diethylpropion has a high risk of dependency and chronic abuse — such as taking it for years — can cause delusions, paranoia, and hyperactivity,” Eichenwald wrote. The journalist said that he posted the excerpt only now simply because Newsweek retained the rights to his work, but those rights have now expired and Eichenwald now owns the story himself.

Eichenwald’s reporting in the suppressed Newsweek story appears to confirm details originally reported by Spy Magazine in 1992, and then later by the now-defunct news and gossip site Gawker in 2016. Read an Inquisitr report from 2016 on Trump’s alleged drug use at this link.