Son Creates Dating Website, Where Kids Play Cupid For Single Parents, For His Mother

Matchmaker in the making Matt Connolly, 35, co-created The inspiration behind the UK-based dating site targeted at older single individuals, was his mum, “a very lovely lady in her 60s, who has been single for too long. Early last year she asked me if I could help find her knight in shining armor.”

Although there are plenty of other dating websites a person can sign up for, My Lovely Parent is where sons and daughters can be directly involved in helping their single parent find love. It’s intended to help older people navigate the dating field, where they may struggle elsewhere.

According to the Guardian, Connolly said that in the UK, the over-55 crowd is the fastest growing group entering the digital dating world. And in the UK, more than 5.8 million adults over age 45 live alone. In the US, more than 20 million adults over age 50 live alone.

Initially, Connolly investigated other online dating sites. He couldn’t find one he felt suitable to recommend to his mother, or anyone in her generation. That’s when he moved forward with creating his own; a site that was user friendly and safe, with verified members. The profiles are only visible to members and personal information is not publicly shared. The goal was to make the site feel less big and impersonal as others, and reflect a sense of strong family values.

To sign up on behalf of their single, older relative (parents, aunts, uncles, extended relatives, friends, etc.), the person must be 18-years-old. Thereafter, the single party is emailed and invitation to join the website.

The program is free for the first three months and the profile is editable to incorporate and appeal to common interests. Sons and daughters can provide recommendations of potential dates, but ultimately the parent still has control over who they choose to interact with.