Audrey Roloff Continues To Offer Peace Pipe To Jacob, According To ‘Radar Online’

The rumored feud between Audrey Roloff and her brother-in-law Jacob is apparently not completely over. However, Audrey may be going out of her way to make peace with the recently engaged Roloff as evidenced by her efforts on social media.

Audrey did not share a long, heart-warming message as she’s been known to do. Instead, the 26-year-old mother to baby Ember Jean reached out to Jacob by “liking” a number of his Instagram posts, as reported by Radar Online.

Among the posts Audrey “liked” were Jacob’s birthday message to Izzy and the throwback photo of a young Jacob with his parents Matt and Amy, who’s carrying a birthday cake. Audrey also liked most of his posts from his trip to Iceland with his girlfriend Isabel “Izzy” Rock, where the two got engaged. Incidentally, a quick check on Izzy’s Instagram account revealed Audrey has also “liked” a number of her posts.

Before the supposed “liking” spree, Audrey apparently seldom reacted to Jacob’s posts on social media. It is believed the two never got along in the first place because of their differences in opinion, according to the Hollywood Gossip. Audrey and husband Jeremy are devout Christians while Jacob is “openly agnostic.”

Hollywood Gossip also pointed out that Jacob is not a fan of phonies, something which has been used to describe Audrey before because of her penchant to preach about her belief in her posts before finishing the post with a product pitch.

Little People, Big World fans got wind of the supposed feud when Jacob deleted Audrey on Instagram and after they realized the two were seldom photographed together. The relationship between Jacob and Audrey seemed to have taken a turn for the worse when the latter supposedly took a shot at the young couple for taking things too fast and getting engaged in their early 20s.

People called Audrey out for supposedly ruining Jacob and Izzy’s moment when she wrote about the value of waiting right after the two announced their engagement, as reported in another Inquisitr article.

To date, Jacob has yet to respond to Audrey’s supposed peace efforts as he still doesn’t follow his sister-in-law on Instagram. Of course, these are all mere speculations for now.

As a matter of fact, there are more pieces of evidence that the entire family is getting along fine. The whole Roloff clan, sans Amy who was vacationing in Idaho with her boyfriend, had dinner out a few nights ago. Last week, Amy shared a photo of herself with her current and future daughters-in-law taken during their night out celebrating Izzy’s birthday. Izzy and Tori also modeled for Audrey a few weeks ago. Finally, Jacob has already gone on record to denounce any feuds in the Roloff family.

“I see a headline regarding ‘rifts’ in my family,” Jacob wrote on Instagram. “It is just so simply and surely untrue!”