Jennifer Lawrence Shares Story Of Hollywood Mistreatment, Says ‘Red Sparrow’ Nude Scenes Helped Her Insecurity

Jennifer Lawrence is known for many things, including her quick wit, her star-powered roles, and also being the victim of a nude photo hack, which saw her personal photos released online. In recent interviews, Lawrence has been speaking out on a number of topics, such as her rise to the top in Hollywood, and what being a part of Red Sparrow has helped with in terms of her personal life. As the actress has opened up to the media, she has shared stories of mistreatment in Hollywood and how the nudes scenes she took part in for her new film helped her deal with her own insecurities.

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that there were very powerful executives in Hollywood who abused their powers and “mistreated and dehumanized” her. While she may not have categorized these things as being abusive in the past, now that she looks back at the way she was treated she knows that there was a level of abuse that left a mark.

Jennifer Lawrence shared that at one point a producer had her “strip down and compare” what her body looked like to other women who were “much thinner.” This particular experience was especially “mentally brutal and dehumanizing in a different way.” Besides this incident, Lawrence also shared that when she was younger, “having Executives or higher up put their hands on my legs and not feeling like I could say please don’t do that… I was certainly mistreated.”

While Jennifer Lawrence has never shown insecurities when she is on screen, the actress admitted that off-screen is another story, and that she has had plenty of insecurities that she has carried with her when it comes to her body, being nude, and even her sexuality. These are things she has dealt with for years, many of which stem from the mistreatment she has been subjected to in Hollywood.

Although her insecurities and the fact that there were nude scenes in Red Sparrow meant that she hesitated to take on the role when she was first approached with the script, once she actually read through the entire script, she loved it enough the she did not want to let her “fears win.” In fact, once she did the scenes, she found that they actually helped her to heal many of the old wounds she was holding onto, including those brought about by the hacking incident.

Even though the Red Sparrow nude scenes ultimately helped Jennifer Lawrence deal with her insecurities and fears, there was still plenty of anxiety when it came to actually filming those scenes. However, once she was on set and found people to be exceedingly nice and respectful, it made her comfortable enough to get through them. After the scenes were done, Lawrence said that she actually found herself feeling “empowered” and that this is a feeling that has stuck with her, even after all this time.

With Hollywood having recently been rocked by numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, Jennifer Lawrence is just the latest to speak up and have her voice heard. As the actress explained, the biggest reason to speak out is because, “if we create a community where survivors can come forward and talk, then there’s going to be change and there’s going to be no way of going backwards.”

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