‘The Voice’ Viewers Are Loving Kelly Clarkson Replacing Miley Cyrus For Season 14

It seems Voice viewers are pretty impressed by Kelly Clarkson joining the coaching panel this year, as she and Alicia Keys replaced Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson to become Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s latest famous co-coaches. Twitter was flooded with praise for Clarkson after the first two episodes of Season 14 aired on February 26 and 27, with many making it pretty clear that they were happy to see Kelly joining the show — but weren’t exactly sad to see Miley go.

“I think @nbc made a great call by replacing Miley with Kelly Clarkson. I MAY actually watch #TheVoice this season,” tweeted one viewer.

Another wrote on the social media site amid the premiere of the first two episodes of the new season this week, “@NBCTheVoice is so much better with these coaches. Jhud and Miley need to stay far far….far away. #TheVoice.”

“So happy I can watch #TheVoice this season,” tweeted @italiaxx25 amid the latest premiere. “Was so turned off by Miley Cyrus that last year was the first year I couldn’t watch!”

“The addition of Kelly Clarkson (and the block) has nicely freshened up #TheVoice,” another viewer tweeted on February 27. “Not sure what was going on [behind the scenes] with Miley Cyrus last season, but both Adam and Blake seemed checked out… This season, they both are energized — Their friend Kelly is a great fit. #voicepremiere.”

However, it wasn’t all bad news for Miley while the tweets were rolling in while the episodes aired on February 26 and 27. Some viewers expressed their disappointment that Cyrus would not be appearing on the new season.

“No Miley equals no Voice for me this season #TheVoice,” said one Cyrus fan following her departure.

Others then joked about Clarkson, who’s admitted that her love for talking and building a relationship with the contestants is why she chose to become a coach on The Voice rather than a judge on her former show American Idol. She chatted away with the singers and the coaches during the first two blind audition episodes, which have already aired.

“I used to think Miley was a chatterbox, but OMG, Kelly never shuts up! #TheVoice,” said Twitter user @canladyj of Kelly’s first stint as a coach.

“Watching all videos from #TheVoice 2018, Kelly’s so Good!” @BexMorta then added, joking that Clarkson is “like Miley who can speak hundreds of words in less than minute.”

Cyrus confirmed last year that she would be leaving The Voice after appearing on both Seasons 11 and 13. However, Cyrus appeared to hint that she could return to her coaching chair one day in the not too distant future.

“This is not my last season maybe forever, but this season I don’t have any more seasons lined up,” Miley told former America’s Got Talent coach Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show, confirming for the first time that she would be leaving, at least for a little while. “So, I’m done.”

NBC later confirmed that Jennifer Hudson would be leaving the series and would not be back for her second consecutive season. Instead, she opted to head back to her red spinning chair on The Voice U.K. for another round of shows after she initially appeared on — and won — the British version of the popular singing series in early 2017.

Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson perform together with Mary J Blige in 2011.

As for the current coaching line-up of Kelly, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine, the trio of stars recently admitted that they were all teaming up and conspiring against Blake to ensure he doesn’t win yet another season. Blake’s already taken home the winning trophy six times before, most recently winning last year with Team Blake contestant Chloe Kohanski.

“Blake has had his time in the sun but it’s time for someone else to shine,” Adam told People in a recent interview of his longtime co-coach and on-screen frenemy. “Let’s get Kelly a victory.”

The Voice Season 14 airs on NBC on both Monday and Tuesday nights.

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