New 'Overwatch' Hero Confirmed As Hybrid Support Character Brigitte

Equipped with a flail and shield, Brigitte will be the newest hero to join the Overwatch roster. The new support character is capable of defending herself while aiding her allies. Her abilities include armor packs like her father, Torbjörn, and a smaller shield similar to the one her godfather Reinhardt uses.

Players can learn a little bit more about Brigitte's backstory on the game's official Twitter. Brigitte originally used her mechanic background to help fix armor and gear after a fight. Later, she realized she could join the fight and work to stop the damage from happening in the first place.

Brigitte uses a Rocket Flail to harm foes at a decent distance. The weapon even hits multiple enemies and heals Overwatch allies with each blow. One active ability, Whip Shot, lets Brigitte throw the flail, dealing damage and knocking the target back. Repair Pack lets Brigitte toss a Repair Pack at a friendly player. If they are hurt, healing will be applied. If they have full health, armor will be applied.

She is also equipped with a shield, though it is much smaller than any other shield in the game. According to the Overwatch website, Barrier Shield can absorb a modest amount of damage and Brigitte can Shield Bash to move forward. Shield Bash even stuns enemies it hits.

Overwatch hero 27 is Brigitte

Finally, Brigitte's ultimate ability is a boon that benefits nearby teammates. Rally lets Brigitte move faster and grants armor to allies. The armor added with Rally lasts until it is damaged off the target. Brigitte is on the public test realm now, according to the Overwatch forums. PC players with a game license can download it and try Brigitte right now.

It is likely that Brigitte will come to the live server in March since Overwatch additions occur about every other month. As the Inquisitr reported, the latest map, Blizzard World, released in January. Barring anything unusual in testing, Brigitte could release as early as next month.

With the Lunar New Year event wrapping up, players can expect an event respite before the Uprising event returns. Last year's Uprising event occurred in April and included a temporary PvE mode where a team of four Overwatch players fought omnics through the King's Row map.