Family Doctor Charged With Gunning Down Neighbors, Kids Watched In Horror As Parents Died

Texas police have no idea what drove a family doctor to embark on a fatal shooting that left a mother and father dead as their three small children stood by horrified. Robert Edward Fadal II, 56, is a family physician in Seguin, Texas, who is charged with capital murder for fatally gunning down his neighbors as the couple’s three children witnessed this massacre.

Leanne Strait, 30, and Anthony Ray Strait, 27, were helping Fadal’s mother move a piece of furniture at the home she shared with her physician son at the time this horrific crime occurred. Dr. Fadal is accused of using a rifle to gun down the couple at his home, which is located in an upscale gated community, according to Fox News.

The couple was shot on Sunday morning with Ray Strait pronounced dead at the scene and Leanne Strait dying later in the day at a local hospital. The couple had three sons who were there and watched as the doctor allegedly opened fire on their parents. The oldest of the boys is only 10-years-old.

Police are baffled over what sparked this doctor to allegedly take a rifle and gun down the couple, who were neighbors of his. At this time, the police were not able to find any evidence as to what preceded this shooting. There are no reports of a dispute between these neighbors or a disturbance of any kind. According to police, there is nothing to indicate that the neighbors were in any type of a feud. What started this is unknown.

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Lt. Craig Jones told reporters, “At this time, there are no indications there was a feud, disturbance, or anything precipitating or justifying the shooting.” He went on to say, “There is no indication that there was a dispute between the victims and suspect. We’re still working to understand why this took place.”

gun barrel

The Seguin Gazette reports Dr. Fadal is facing a capital murder charge in a double homicide. This local news media outlet is reporting that the now deceased couple was just lending a helping hand to the mother of this doctor when they were gunned down.

When the EMTs arrived, the husband was already dead at the scene and the wife had been “gravely wounded.” She died later in the hospital.

The couple was at Fadal’s house, helping his mother move a piece of furniture at the time of the shooting. Fadal was arrested on a charge of capital murder and booked into the Guadalupe County Jail. While the police have responded to calls coming from the Fadal house in the past, there was nothing that was connected to the shooting that took place on Sunday morning.