West London Driver Admits To Killing Three Teenagers In Fatal Crash

A 28-year-old from Hayes, west London, has admitted to killing three young men in a fatal car crash that occurred near the end of January. Appearing at the Old Bailey earlier Monday, February 26, the man pleaded guilty to three counts of dangerous driving leading to loss of life.

According to The London Evening Standard, Jaynesh Chudasama had been consuming alcohol before operating the vehicle in question, with the man’s blood-alcohol level registering more than twice the legal limit. Traces of marijuana were also discovered in his system when he was apprehended. He and his passenger, who remains unidentified at this time, attempted to flee the scene after the crash but were caught by members of the public who quickly prevented their escape.

The three teenage boys had been making their way down west London’s Shepiston Lane, in order to celebrate the 16th birthday party of a friend. Josh McGuinness, Harry Louis Rice, and George Toby Wilkinson were pronounced dead at the scene, with their injuries having been described as extremely gruesome.

The Guardian reveals that all three victims were “propelled into the air,” with 16-year-old Josh being struck with such a sheer amount of force that his body was sent flying over a cemetery fence. George, who was the same age as McGuinness, lost his life due to fatal neck and head injuries, spending his last moments with a female witness holding his hand. Harry Louis Rice himself is said to have had his body “crushed against the cemetery wall.”

One of the good samaritans who stopped the escape of Chudasama and his passenger admitted to authorities that he had inflicted violence on the accused in order to keep him at the scene, hitting him over the head with a bottle. The west London driver was given medical attention by local authorities, with their sympathy making onlookers very angry given that this man had just killed three innocent boys. It took London authorities very little time to make the arrest, with the accused quickly being taken into custody.

Sentencing will not take place until March 9, in order for the preparation of impact statements to take place, with many relatives of the victims making an appearance in court for Chudasama’s hearing. Family and friends have created something of a memorial at the scene of the crash, laying flowers and mementos to display their grief over losing the three boys.