Kailyn Lowry Denies Driving With Suspended License: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Denies Ruining Javi Marroquin’s Career

Kailyn Lowry may not be one of the most popular Teen Mom 2 stars based on her decisions, but it sounds like she’s getting respect from viewers for being a single mother of three boys. Lowry has admitted that she has struggled with mental illness in the past, which may explain why she has the reactions she does in certain situations. She has lashed out at Javi Marroquin during a conversation, where she physically pushed him. In another scene, she was accused of only marrying him for health insurance for herself and Isaac. Over the years, she has admitted when she has done wrong and she’s now denying new accusations against her.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry was confronted with some old news this weekend when one person accused her of driving with a suspended license. Kailyn admits that she did have a suspended license, but that it was over three years ago. She also pointed out that she had definitely gotten it fixed. It sounds like people are digging into public records to find dirt on Lowry. Perhaps some of her haters want to find something that she doesn’t want to be leaked to the public, but she doesn’t seem to mind answering the questions about her suspended license.

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But that wasn’t all she had to address. Some people pointed out that she may have ruined Javi Marroquin‘s career thanks to the Protect From Abuse (PFA) that she filed against him last year. When Javi filmed Being Javi recently, he revealed that Kailyn filing that order against him caused him to miss out on a possible promotion. Fans were furious on his behalf, as Lowry revealed she filed it against him as he had been unpredictable and showing up at her house when he wasn’t invited. Even though the protection was eventually dropped over an agreement in regards to custody and spousal support, it sounds like Marroquin still lost out on something that could have been great for his career. No word on whether he ever forgave Lowry for filing the protection against him.

Kailyn Lowry is currently filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2, where fans will get an update on how things are going with her and Javi as they learn to co-parent after their decision to divorce.