Luigi Arrives In ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ With Free Game Update

Super Mario Odyssey can now be updated to add Luigi to the game. Mario’s brother is not a playable character or sidekick, but rather the host of a new minigame called “Luigi’s Balloon World.” The update is free for everyone with a copy of the best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch. The only requirements are a Nintendo account and an internet connection to download the new content.

What is Luigi’s Balloon World?

To unlock Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey, you’ll have to finish the main storyline and resolve Bowser’s latest Peach kidnapping incident. Once the campaign is complete, Luigi pops up in the different worlds in the game and he brings with him a little challenge. Through the Balloon World minigame, players get to hide balloons in each world, and then try their best to find the balloons hidden by other players. Online leaderboard bragging rights are at stake to keep it competitive.

Current Switch owners are encouraged to try out this new mode now, as some features may only be completely free to play for a limited time. According to Nintendo’s announcement, features like online rankings utilize their network. As such, they require a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online Services to enjoy them. On the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, all online features could be enjoyed for free. But, the Switch will require a network subscription similar to Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus in the future. Right now, all online features on the Nintendo Switch are free until the trial period for all system owners ends. The paid program is expected to start later this year in September and cost about $20 a year.

Mario gets several new costumes in the latest free update to ‘Super Mario Odyssey.’

More Mario Outfits

The Super Mario Odyssey update also includes three outfits for Mario. These new looks include a beach outfit featuring the Sprites from Super Mario Sunshine, a musician’s ensemble, and a knightly suit of armor. Extra costumes are typically paid DLC in many modern games, but these outfits don’t cost any real world money. They can be purchased from the in-game shop after beating the campaign.

If you can’t wait to beat the game to see Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey, and you don’t mind some spoilers, all of Luigi’s candid reactions to Mario’s wardrobe choices can be viewed in the video below created by GameXplain.

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