Stassi Schroeder Shares Makeup-Free Selfie Of Psoriasis Flare-Up

Presley AnnGetty Images

Stassi Schroeder shared a makeup-free selfie on Saturday of her psoriasis flare-up. The Vanderpump Rules star has no issue being candid about her experiences when it comes to plastic surgery and the same concept applies with her skin condition.

Schroeder posted an Instagram story detailing her struggle with psoriasis. She let fans know that if they have this, they’re not alone! Dealing with it isn’t fun for anyone, she pointed out.

People reports that the 29-year-old got real about her psoriasis and its true flare-up on her face by revealing herself makeup-free. She bravely discussed her ordeal with her 1.1 million followers, explaining that the condition “sucks” and that psoriasis is not “on fleek.”

The makeup-free selfie that Stassi Schroeder posted on Instagram allows fans to see the red blemishes on her forehead and cheeks. It’s a different glance from the typical images seen of Stassi in flawless makeup.

Stassi Schroeder has also shared other personal journeys on social media. She photographed the scars she was left with after having breast reduction surgery. She went from a DDD to a D. The reality star has been open about the effects of a chin implant and has brought up her thoughts on Botox, which she gets done in the off-season from filming Vanderpump Rules.

Us Weekly reports that Schroeder publicly addressed her problem with psoriasis in April 2017 while appearing on an episode of The Doctors. She told a dermatologist that she’d seen a number of doctors, but was given different answers. Steroid creams have helped the autoimmune skin disease that had also affected her back. Breakouts on her face were “the worst” and the condition worsened when she was stressed.

The Straight Up with Stassi podcast host added that anytime she had red wine at night, she’d wake up the next morning fearing a flare-up was on its way. When she filmed Vanderpump Rules last year, it was a tough season, which made the psoriasis particularly bad. In her words, she felt “ugly” and “unattractive.” Somehow she managed and looked great on-screen in spite of the unsightly skin condition.

Stassi Schroeder has expressed interest in pursuing injections that may help treat the psoriasis issue in an effort to reduce inflammation and redness.