Knife Arch Trial In London McDonald's Locations Sees Success, Potential For Permanent Security Measure

Chanel Malik

In order to combat the rampant knife crime epidemic which has been plaguing England's capital for some years now, with the start of 2018 not looking much better in terms of statistics, London authorities decided to create what are known as "knife arches" in McDonald's restaurants around the city. The trial period was so successful that police are now considering making this a permanent security measure in order to prevent as many people as possible from getting stabbed and potentially losing their life.

According to The London EveningStandard, the initial knife arches were set up in Croydon and Woolwich over the past few months for a period of a few hours throughout the day. The knife arch itself detects metal as people make their way into the restaurant and was manned by a police team of around half a dozen. These authority figures subsequently confiscated any weapons discovered and provided information to visitors regarding the new security measure by passing out leaflets and advising patrons regarding what was or was not acceptable material to bring into the popular fast-food franchise as well as the consequences doing so would have.

Jeff Boothe, Croydon Borough Commander, provided a statement in which he confirmed that the trial period was an immense success and therefore authorities were now developing plans to launch a full rollout of the detectors. The chief superintendent went on to say that the goal of London authorities is to educate youth about the dangers of knife crime, focusing on not only the execution of a stabbing but also around owning the weapon. Authorities were also keen to let the public know that McDonald's itself is not necessarily seen as a dangerous location, but is simply more on the police's radar due to the amount of young people who tend to congregate there on a regular basis.