‘Dragon Ball Super’ Preview Reveals ‘True Ultra Instinct’ Finally Goes Into Action

Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power is finally in its final minutes of the battle royal between Universes 7 and 11 with Goku fighting the strongest Pride Trooper of U11, Jiren The Grey. Frieza is still missing in the most recent episode, but the spoilers for the upcoming episode hints his elimination. Thus, Goku remains to face off with Jiren to save his home from the Omni-King’s obliteration. Now, the hit anime teases Goku’s complete Ultra Instinct finally goes into action.

A one minute preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 was shared on Twitter and known DBS translator Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) quickly shared his translation for English-speaking fans. With Goku’s voice over, the hero acknowledges Jiren’s immeasurable power. He said that the muscular humanoid warrior exceeds those fighters he faced before including Frieza, Cell, Buu, and Vegeta. Many fans, though, wondered why he never mentioned Beerus, Hit, or Zamasu.

While Goku acknowledges Jiren as his strongest opponent, the hero is still determined to win, especially with his home is at stake and his comrades had also fought well in an attempt to champion their universe in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. The hero also mentions his whole body that grows silver when in a challenging situation. Apparently, this is called Ultra Instinct, but this is not just the normal UI form.

“The true Ultra Instinct, greater than the Ultra Instinct up until now, finally goes into action.”

According to the hero, it’s the “True Ultra Instinct,” which is stronger than the UI, and it finally reaches its full power while he goes head to head against Jiren The Grey. It’s the strongest versus the strongest, but still, fans will have to wait until Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 airs next week. But what can Ultra Instinct do?

Universe 7 Angel Whis trained both Goku and Vegeta before with Ultra Instinct, although the attendant said that the technique so too difficult to master that even Lord Beerus can’t easily do it. The new form gives Goku a new pair of silver eyes, something that fans suggest mirror those of Zamasu’s. His traditional Super Saiyan spiked-hair remains black, but the complete or mastered UI appeared to give him silver hair.

Whis previously told Goku and Vegeta that they are too powerful, but they can’t fight in their full power as they were too conscious of their movements. The new technique enables the fighter to move without having to think of his body movements, something that Goku has finally achieved. The hero debuted the new form when he had his first battle with Jiren The Grey during the anime’s one hour TV special in October 2017. However, he failed to deal with it and failed to take down the strongest Pride Trooper.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power only has two minutes remaining until the winner is determined. Who will survive?

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