Nationwide Ammo Shortage: Police Officers Impacted By Shortage, Rationing Rumors Surface

Gun control governmental meetings and fears of infringement upon the Second Amendment are credited with prompting a “nationwide ammo shortage.” A news report in Atlanta notes that local police departments cannot find the ammunition they need to fill their duty weapons.

Ammunition and guns have been flying off the shelves at stores across the country since the gun control debate began after the tragic Sandy Hook. The backlog for ammunition now reportedly exceeds one year. Rifle magazine orders currently exceed one million units. Rifle orders are also allegedly facing a one-year production backlog to meet present orders.

Jay Wallace, the owner of Smyrna Police Distributors in Cobb County, had this to say about the shortage of ammunition during an interview with Channel 2 News:

“There’s been more demand for ammunition than there’s ever been. We’re going to be starting to get very concerned at the six-moth level if that’s all we have in stock, because then we have to start planning and rationing.

Wallace also noted that some police departments could have to wait up to a year for weapons factories to ship certain kinds of rounds in bulk. Although most police department leaders stated they can handle a short term ammo shortage, they are reportedly concerned about the unavailability of bullets and shot guns shells over the long term.

Both brick-and-mortar stores and online ammunition retailers are allegedly experiencing a shortage of ammunition for a vast variety of rifles, shotguns, and handguns, Natural News notes. Rifle rounds are allegedly gone in most places. Shotgun shells are allegedly “somewhat” available but still limited in some areas. Handguns rounds are reportedly limited but becoming more and more difficult to find.

A message to customers on the Cheaper Than Dirt! website reads:

“Consumer reaction to the political rhetoric after the shooting in Connecticut caused a rush of online orders at Cheaper Than Dirt! which led to the largest backlog in the company’s history. Ammunition and shooting accessories orders more than tripled, resulting in week-long shipping delays. The past three weeks have been spent catching up on the tremendous backlog of orders, training additional staff and increasing inventory back to acceptable levels. Firearms that are in high demand are not currently available from manufacturers due to the lack of inventory. This includes most modern sporting rifles.”

Midway USA reports that all AR-15 semiautomatic rifles are currently out of stock and on back order. Brownells also posted a notice on its website warning customers that, due to “extreme order volumes,” delays should be expected.

Fears that President Barack Obama will sign an executive order to ban some types of guns and ammunition allegedly sent both existing and new gun owners flocking to the local sporting goods store and online in search of guns and ammo. Concealed carry permit and National Rifle Association memberships have also reportedly hit record levels in recent weeks.

Can you find ammunition in your area? Do you think a gun control executive order will be forthcoming?

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