WWE News: Breakdown Of How Much Bray Wyatt Spends On Jojo Instead Of Child Support Payments, Bray Responds


In the summer of last year, former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt had divorce filings brought against him by his wife after claims that he was having an affair with ring announcer Jojo. Samantha Rotunda had been married to Wyatt for five years before they split up, and the divorce meant having to figure out how the couple’s two young children would be handled. Months have passed by, and it appears as if Bray is actually spending his promised child support payments o his new girlfriend.

According to the Daily Mail, Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda) was ordered by the court to pay $14,735 in spousal support to Samantha per month. That is in addition to an upfront payment of $50,000 to cover her court costs and legal fees, but that is not what he has been doing.

It appears as if he has only been paying his wife $6,000, which is less than half of what he has been ordered by the court to pay. The money he has not been sending to his ex-wife and kids has reportedly been going to gifts for Jojo Offerman.

Legal documents have shown the breakdown of what Bray Wyatt is spending his money on in the last couple of months, and the majority of it has been called “non-necessary” items.

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When looking at the breakdown in the legal documents, Samantha’s lawyer says this is all “just the top of the iceberg.”

  • $5,006.27 on miniature horses, supplies, and food
  • $533.93 on jewelry “not for his wife” at Diamonds Direct
  • $285 at Tootsie’s strip club
  • $139.60 at burlesque club E11even
  • $171.20 on women’s swimwear
  • $118.48 at Stillwaters Tavern
  • $112.79 at a Miami bar

The documents also state that there are additional trips to Las Vegas, money spent at clubs and other restaurants, and other places. Samantha’s lawyer said that Bray Wyatt has told his ex-wife that “it’s my money, not your money,” and he sees that as totally inaccurate according to the law.

Not long after these reports hit social media and the internet, Bray Wyatt took to Twitter to respond to the claims and allegations.

On WWE television, Bray Wyatt has been involved in a feud with “Woken” Matt Hardy for the last few months and they have an upcoming match at the Elimination Chamber. While he’s in the middle of that, Wyatt is also dealing with a lot of problems in his personal life. If he really is going against court orders by spending money on Jojo instead of paying his child and spousal support, it could end up causing him more issues outside of the ring.