‘This Is Us’ Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore Seen In Aged Makeup: Fans Suspect Chrissy Metz’s Kate’s Wedding!

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This Is Us stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore were just seen filming what appears to be a wedding scene. And while Mandy Moore has been seen playing an older Rebecca with wrinkles and silver-streaked hair, the occasion marked the first time that Milo Ventimiglia has been spotted as an older Jack with grey hair and aged face. Photos of the scene have circulated, causing fans on social media to go wild speculating that Jack, despite his tragic death, somehow magically appears for the wedding of Kate, played by Chrissy Metz.

This Is Us Wedding Scene: Kate And Toby?

On Reddit, This Is Us fans responded with excitement to photos depicting how Jack would appear if he had not tragically died after the fire.

“Omg so whatever it is, we get the chance to see old Jack. Amazing!…For some reason those pictures of old Jack hit me straight in the feels.”

Attempting to guess the scenario, some fans speculated that Mandy Moore’s character Rebecca was imagining the presence of her deceased husband at Kate’s wedding. But others argued that the scenario resulted from Chrissy Metz’s character Kate dreaming that her dad could be at her wedding. And then there were those who came up with an entirely different scenario.

This Is Us Fans Wonder If Rebecca Imagined Jack At Her Wedding To Miguel?

Because the photos showed Mandy Moore wearing white, some fans speculated that she and Milo Ventimiglia were filming a dream sequence from Rebecca’s wedding to Miguel.

“Could this be [Rebecca’s] and Miguel’s wedding and she’s imagining Jack giving her away (like the dad would do)? That would be pretty sweet, like he’s giving her his blessing in spirit and she could feel it and pictured this?”

Miguel has become the semi-villain on This Is Us, with some fans joining the triplets in their disdain of how Jack’s best friend married Rebecca after Jack’s death. Some Reddit users speculated that the scene might include Jack telling Rebecca it was all right to marry Miguel.

“Might help for some of us who don’t like Miguel start to at least tolerate him,” pointed out one fan.

Milo Ventimiglia Seen With Mandy Moore In What’s Thought To Be This Is Us Wedding

The Daily Mail also got involved in attempting to figure out what the This Is Us scene featuring Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia meant. Pointing out that the mystery of precisely how beloved dad and husband Jack Pearson died has been solved, the publication noted clues about the thought-to-be-a-wedding filming.

“The actor who plays the role of Jack, Milo Ventimiglia, 40, was back on set filming [with] Mandy Moore, 33, for what appeared to be a wedding scene. Both actors have been aged with makeup.”

Milo Ventimiglia’s hair was grey, and he wore glasses and a navy suit. Mandy Moore had a short wig, glasses, and a white lace dress. Although the sight of an older Jack drew excitement, Refinery 29 pointed out some heartbreak in the This Is Us wedding sequence as well. If the vision comes from Chrissy Metz as Kate, it shows how much she misses her dad.

Chrissy Metz plays Kate on 'This Is Us,' and some fans think that Kate dreams about having her deceased dad Jack at her wedding.
Chrissy Metz plays Kate on 'This Is Us,' and some fans think that Kate dreams about having her deceased dad Jack at her wedding. Featured image credit: Matt SaylesInvision for Lindt Chocolate/AP Images

This Is Us Fans Have Varying Responses To Seeing Older Jack

If the vision of an older Jack with Rebecca comes from Kate, it’s heartbreaking.

“Kate (Chrissy Metz) is planning a big wedding to Toby (Chris Sullivan), despite the fact that Jack won’t be able to walk her down the aisle. Kate’s wedding would definitely bring up feelings about Jack.”

While that speculation is bittersweet, there’s another theory that requires an enormous box of tissues. What if the scene takes place in the afterlife, with Rebecca dying of cancer and envisioning meeting her deceased husband in heaven? If that theory sounds, well, somewhat extreme, prepare yourself for another unusual view. Some fans think that the aged Milo Ventimiglia could be playing his brother Nick, who perhaps never died but was estranged.

And then there are those fans who love Jack so much that they want his death reversed. In trying to figure out how that’s possible, those This Is Us viewers think that the fire was just a bad dream, and that Jack will live on. Along with this theory, some are theorizing that This Is Us will show alternate timelines, with Jack aging happily along with Rebecca and “villain” Miguel never having a chance to wed Rebecca.