Jimmy Hoffa Found Again, Law Enforcement Officials Say

The fate of Jimmy Hoffa has been one of the enduring mysteries of the past 40 years, and, after the Teamster’s disappearance in 1975, the location of his body has become a pop culture reference point.

Jimmy Hoffa was last seen alive at a restaurant, the Machus Red Fox, in the suburbs of Detroit. The union boss was set to meet mafia brass Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano, and what happened after he was last confirmed to be living in the restaurant’s parking lot is the stuff of legend.

In the ensuing years, the search for Jimmy Hoffa and a conclusive answer to the question of his fate was an often-revisited debate, and the effort to relocate his remains spanned all the way to Giants Stadium. But nearly 40 years later, Hoffa’s body has never been found — and few leads to real answer have ever been revealed.

But as has been reported before, the fuzz may have a bead on Jimmy Hoffa’s final burying grounds — and law enforcement experts say the lead is credible. Anthony Zerilli, a reputed one-time Detroit Cosa Nostra underboss, has come forward to dish on the fate of Hoffa’s remains — and while made men don’t make statements, Zerilli seems to have compelling reason to squeal, as he tells NBC New York:

“I’m dead broke. I got no money … My quality of life is zero.”

According to WDIV, retired Detroit FBI official John Anthony believes that the one-time underboss has no reason to lie and that the feds should take Zerilli seriously:

“You have to regard it as pretty damn good … Pretty credible. Reliable and worthy of the FBI following up on that.”

Jimmy Hoffa Body Search Could Be Over, But Authorities Skeptical It Will Yield A Body

Fellow retired FBI guy from Detroit Andrew Arena told the network:

“If anybody is going to know it’s going to be people like him. There was a select few in the inner circle. He would have been part of that inner circle.”

According to Tony Zerilli, Jimmy Hoffa’s body is buried about 20 miles from the restaurant — and while there were originally plans to move the remains, his killers decided against the risky maneuver. Now 85, the mobster says that he hopes the alleged knowledge would provide closure and that Hoffa didn’t deserve his fate.