George H.W. Bush Grandson Prescott Might Run For Texas Land Commissioner

Austin, TX – The grandson of George H.W. Bush, George Prescott Bush, is considering making a run for the political office of Texas Land Commissioner. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, George P. Bush had first filed paperwork back in November stating his intention to run for office in Texas, but at the time he did not know which political office he would choose.

George P. Bush’s father is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, his grandfather is former President George H.W. Bush, and his uncle is former President and Texas Governor George W. Bush. According to the Associated Press, Prescott will definitely run for an office of some sort:

“We for sure are running, the question is the office.”

George P. Bush’s choice will largely depend on “where the governor’s thinking is” since Perry may not seek another term as Texas governor after failing for his bid at the Presidency in the Republican primaries. The current Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson, plans to run for lieutenant governor next year, creating a vacancy in his office, and it’s possible other Republicans will seek higher office, giving Prescott even more options.

George P. Bush speaks Spanish, and his mother is from Mexico. Similar to Obama, who is half black, Prescott is half Hispanic. Conservatives view Prescott on the ballot as a way to solidify support among Hispanics, who historically tend to vote Democratic since that party does not strictly enforce immigration laws. Prescott was candid about his mixed heritage playing a part in political decisions according to the AP:

“[Texas will be] be majority Hispanic in six years. I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that having a candidate of Hispanic origin, or someone who can speak Spanish, can automatically obtain these votes. Having said that, it’s important tactically to have candidates that understand issues of the community.”

According to the NY Daily News, George P. Bush has said little about his future plans beyond this first political office that’s traditionally been considered a stepping stone to higher office:

“Instead, he spoke of how his past experience as an asset manager would help him manage the Permanent Schools Fund, which pays for public education and is managed by the land commissioner. He also said his perspective as an Afghanistan war veteran will help him use the post to become a leader in veterans’ affairs.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, George H.W. Bush is probably going to be released from a Houston hospital since being admitted back in November. George H.W. Bush is sure to be proud of his grandson Prescott taking on the family legacy by running for political office. Prescott admits he’s tried to stand out on his own with his service in the military as an intelligence officer:

“It’s always been the thing of my grandmother to say, ‘Go out and make a name for yourself’ and that’s something that I’ve followed. But who better to ask for advice on politics than two former presidents and a former governor? They’re not involved in the day-to-day operations. They’re not involved in formulating my ideology. It’s more of an informal advice.”

What do you think about the grandson of George H.W. Bush running for political office in Texas?