Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations Focus Of New Documentary

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Roman Reigns has found himself under scrutiny since convicted steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez named him as a former client. While Reigns has denied all allegations made, there is a filmmaker named Jon Bravo who is making a documentary about Rodriguez and the steroid ring coming out of Iron Addicts Gym.

Bravo interviewed Rodriguez for the documentary and just made two big Instagram posts, the first a photo of a GNC with Reigns, Mark Wahlberg, and Josh Duhamel’s names listed. The second was an Instagram post that included text that said that there is a full report coming soon concerning whether or not Roman Reigns lied about his involvement in the steroid ring.

The Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations

The second Instagram post was the most damaging to the reputation of Roman Reigns right before he is set to fight for a chance to main event WrestleMania 34 for the WWE. The post claimed that the drug test that Reigns failed which resulted in his suspension in 2016 was due to orders placed with Richard Rodriguez’s steroid ring, WFN.

The Inquisitr reported back in June, 2016, that the WWE suspended Roman Reigns for failing a drug test before the Money in the Bank pay-per-view that year. The suspension was perfectly set up so that Roman did not miss the next pay-per-view, Battleground. Roman returned after the suspension, and there have been no reported problems since.

That second Instagram post revealed that the WWE will not disclose drug testing results as a publicly traded company, but that there are other reasons for it. Jon Bravo then asks if Roman Reigns was telling the truth.

Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations Focus Of New Documentary
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What Is Coming For Roman Reigns And The WWE?

The second post also had a long description by Jon Bravo in the post. Bravo said that his platform is not “based upon rumors” and that everything that he is about to reveal about Roman Reigns is based on “100% facts” and that he has verified all his information with “appropriate sources.”

Bravo said he has the laptop used in the court case and that it is “110% genuine.” He also said that his attorney would answer any questions that anyone has, and he won’t risk his career by revealing anything that isn’t true. This could put the WWE in a difficult position.

If Jon Bravo has some evidence that Roman Reigns purchased steroids from Rodriguez, that means that the WWE superstar is lying about his involvement. If the original WWE suspension was for steroids obtained from WFN, and there is evidence that it wasn’t the only time Roman purchased drugs from Rodriguez, the WWE will likely have to take action as a publicly traded company.

Roman Reigns is preparing for what most expect to be the main event of WrestleMania 34 against Brock Lesnar, a match set up last year by Paul Heyman. The evidence is coming soon, according to Jon Bravo, and that could spoil the WWE plans if true.