‘Flip Or Flop’ Star Tarek El Moussa Blames ‘Fake News,’ Social Media For His Divorce Woes

When most people get a divorce, they usually take the time to review what went wrong, and they take the necessary steps to make their subsequent relationships better. But when Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa got divorced, he decided that “fake news” was to blame.

El Moussa recently told Fox News that, as he and his now-ex-wife, Christina El Moussa, became more popular thanks to Flip or Flop, they also started seeing their private life play out in the tabloid press.

And that, said Tarek, helped contribute to the increased tension in their household.

“The star added he finds it ‘very frustrating’ to hear a lot of ‘fake news’ about himself whether it’s about his divorce or any aspect of his personal life.”

To Tarek’s credit, however, he also acknowledges that he and Christina agreed to allow their private lives to be shown on camera when they first signed up for Flip or Flop. What’s more, he said part of the success of the show can be credited to the successful interactions between he and Christina, and said that it was the main reason people found their show so amusing.

“Today, there’s like a hundred house flipping shows and I truly believe what makes our show successful is our dynamic as investors and as a family.”

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Nevertheless, even though Tarek and Christina are no longer together as a couple, they continue to remain “the best of friends,” and are co-parenting for the sake of their two children. While Christina has moved on and found love with a British television host, Tarek hasn’t been as lucky with love. He was rumored, for a time, to be in love with the El Moussa’s former nanny –and Victoria’s Secret model — but thus far, he remains single.

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“When we first came on the air we were really young. We were a young couple that had everything we had on the line,” Tarek said of his time on the show. “I think people were able to read that through the screen and they’ve watched us grow as a family. They’ve seen us have children and raise our children and move houses. And it’s just been kind of not only a TV show about flipping houses, it’s been a TV show about our lives as well.”

Flip or Flop is currently airing on HGTV, as are its various spin-offs.

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