Man’s Penis Stuck In A Wrench, Fire Crews Were Called To Cut The Tightly Fastened Tool Off His Manhood

A Welsh man did not use the spanner or wrench properly so he ended up in the hospital when the tool got stuck on his genitals. Fire crews were also called in since the medical team does not have the equipment to remove the ring spanner attached to the man’s penis.

Apparently, it was a painful accident but as of this time, it is not clear how the man locked his manhood in the tight grip of the adjustable wrench. Then again, it was fortunate that the firefighters were able to free his genitals from the spanner’s hold after just a short while.

Based on the reports, the incident happened on Feb. 21. A team of firefighters from South Wales Fire and Rescue were called to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, South Wales, at around 8:55 a.m., to assist the hospital staff with the removal of the tool.

According to BBC News, fire crews had to make use of cutting equipment to detach the spanner. The incident prompted the SW Fire and Rescue to issue a warning for improper use of tools.

“If you’re using tools, make sure you’re handling as the manufacturer recommends,” they wrote on their official Twitter page.

On the same post, the group also confirmed that team members from Maindee and Malpas in Newport have responded to a bizarre call for help, as a man got in trouble with a metal ring spanner.

“Crews from Maindee and Malpas had to release a steel ring spanner from a man who took tightening nuts to a new level earlier,” the fire and rescue team added.

The identity of the man was kept a secret and there was no further explanation as to how he came to be in that awkward situation. Nevertheless, it appears that the man involved is safe and sound after the rescue.

In any case, a spanner or wrench is a tool that is commonly used in car and household repairs. It is widely used in mechanical works to provide a firm grip and apply force when turning objects – typically rotating fasteners like the nuts and bolts. Now, since this is how it should be used, it is hard to decipher how it ended up in the man’s private parts.

Oddly enough, it seems that genitals getting stuck in objects is becoming more common these days. Just in November last year, a fitness buff was also brought to the hospital when he cannot take the heavy metal weight off from his manhood. It was stuck in the hole that firefighters spent three hours sawing the equipment to free his already purple and swollen genitals, Daily Mail reported.