WWE News: Jim Ross Calls New WWE Talent A 'Gold Mine'

The WWE has made a lot of noise over the last two years with hires. They have brought in some huge names, with superstars like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Bobby Roode already making a significant impact on the main roster. With Impact Wrestling, New Japan and smaller promotions like Ring of Honor and Evolve such a hotbed for new talent, the WWE seems to be stockpiling their roster. However, one of the latest hires is not a professional wrestler but a behind-the-scenes talent, and one that WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross called a "gold mine" during an interview with Sportskeeda.

Jim Ross Talks New WWE Hire

Jim Ross was talking about Jeremy Borash, the long-time producer of Impact Wrestling. Triple H worked on hiring Borash away from Impact Wrestling and will work with him in WWE NXT in producing that show. While many WWE fans won't understand the significance of the hire, Jim Ross is very impressed.

According to Ross, Jeremy Borash was a great hire, calling it one of the "cooler" hires they have made. As JR said, Borash never has to appear on camera to make a significant impact in the WWE. Ross said that his value and worth is on the production side, with his strong work on character development and creation.

Jim Ross also said that Jeremy Borash has a vast knowledge of professional wrestling and has what he calls an "insane" work ethic. Ross called WWE NXT the perfect spot for Borash to work and this hire is a "gold mine" for the WWE.

What Jeremy Borash Brings To The WWE

The WWE signing Jeremy Borash was a considerable shock to long-time fans of Impact Wrestling. For many years, Borash has been a top-line company man for Impact Wrestling. He worked for the company almost from its inception and was responsible for nearly all their production work.

Borash was also the man who traveled with the touring brand and hosted the Impact Wrestling house shows, talking to the audience and producing those shows. He was most recently an on-air talent and was supposed to be one of the announcers for Impact Wrestling's new shows. However, he suddenly, and unexpectedly, signed with the WWE just as Impact Wrestling was preparing their new shows.

Fans who loved the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick in Impact Wrestling have Jeremy Borash to thank as much as Matt Hardy since Borash produced those segments. Now, Borash will work behind-the-scenes for WWE NXT and will help produce those shows. He will surely help Triple H, as he takes more control of the WWE, and will have a hand in the future of the company.