Details Emerge About ‘Sister Wives’ Star Aspyn Brown’s Wedding, According To In Touch Weekly

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Aspyn Brown of Sister Wives announced not long ago that she was engaged. The fans haven’t even got the chance to get to know her fiance yet on the show. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that Aspyn’s big wedding will happen this summer. They seem to have found some great details about her big day.

It turns out that The Ashley’s Reality Roundup says they have figured out the wedding date and that it will be on June 17, 2018. That means she should be having a summer wedding that could end up being outside. Hopefully, if she has an outdoor wedding the weather will be better than it was for her sister Mykelti’s outdoor wedding. Aspyn has shared that she has known Mitch for pretty much her entire life, but they didn’t start a romance until the last couple of years. The big engagement happened in December. She did admit that she was expecting a proposal, but was still pretty excited about it.

None of her relationship with Mitch has aired on Sister Wives yet. The fans do want to get to know Mitch and see the proposal. Hopefully, it will all end up on the current season or the show will be renewed for another season and the fans can see it then.

In the past, Aspyn Brown said that she didn’t want to live the polygamist lifestyle. Mitch and Aspyn both grew up around this so they know how it works. It seems that they won’t be living that way, but you never know if they will change their mind. So far, none of the Brown children have admitted to wanting to be polygamists in their own marriage. Logan Brown is also engaged, but he seems to be putting off his wedding a bit longer. It sounds like Aspyn will tie the knot before him. Logan will be the first of the Brown boys to get married unless someone else sneaks up and beats him to it.

Don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives when they air on Sundays on TLC. Hopefully, fans will finally get to know her fiance better during this season, but it was filmed about a year ago.