‘The Amazing Race’ Renewal Status Remains Uncertain, Fans Anxious For News Regarding Season 31

Season 30 of The Amazing Race wraps up on CBS Wednesday night and viewers are curious to know what CBS has planned for Season 31. Has the long-running reality television show been renewed or canceled, or does it remain in limbo for now? It looks like fans will have to hang tight and wait for a while to get an answer on this front, but that isn’t entirely unusual when it comes to this series.

According to TV Series Finale, CBS has yet to announce a decision when it comes to the future of their Amazing Race franchise. However, that shouldn’t send dedicated fans into a panic. As Deadline pointed out last May, the show didn’t make the early list of CBS renewals last March, but the network did give the green light in May. It seems highly likely that the timeline will proceed similarly this spring as well.

The current run of Amazing Race has done well in the ratings compared to Season 29, which certainly is good news for those hoping to see more. As some have pointed out, the network likely would have been doing some hyping if this season finale were also serving as a series finale, especially if it were to end on a solid number like 30, and that hasn’t been happening.

TV Line currently lists the odds of CBS renewing Amazing Race as a “safe bet,” and their insight into cancellations and renewals is usually pretty solid. If the show does come back for Season 31 at some point in 2018, it seems likely based on past filming schedules that it will film mostly in June this coming summer with a fall debut.

Based on what Deadline reported earlier, viewers may be left hanging for longer than usual, as CBS didn’t confirm a fall 2018 season. If they do stick with only one run this television year, that’ll be an unusual move. However, now that it found a solid time slot again and has seen an uptick in ratings, it’s entirely possible that the network will give the go-ahead to get cranking on another race.

How can CBS keep the series fresh if the Amazing Race does continue past this 30th race around the world? There have been plenty of twists and turns since the show debuted in 2001 and fans aren’t ready to see the series end yet. Tune in to the Season 30 finale of The Amazing Race airing on CBS on Wednesday, February 21 and stay tuned for details regarding a renewal or cancellation over the coming months.