‘Bachelor’ 2018 Spoilers: Finale Has Something Fans Haven’t Seen Before, Says Co-Showrunner Bennett Graebner

Mark PetermanPetsMart Charities/AP Images

There have been plenty of juicy spoilers swirling around regarding ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season and what happens with Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final pick. Gossip guru Reality Steve has been sharing tidbits as he has uncovered them, and now co-showrunner Bennett Graebner is revealing a buzzworthy spoiler via the Hollywood Reporter that has fans talking. What’s the latest?

Graebner shares that he has worked with the Bachelor franchise for a decade, and he says that no matter how much people think they know about how Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s journey will end, they don’t really know. Bennett adds that the finale will have something included that hasn’t been seen by viewers before. In addition, he promises that even if people have been reading the Bachelor spoilers that are already out, they don’t know everything.

Even host Chris Harrison is teasing that this finale will be phenomenal. Graebner notes that with a show that has been on for this many seasons, you have to find a way to deliver something different each season and he believes that the right casting is the key to letting that happen. Granted, if the Bachelor spoilers about what lies ahead are correct, casting and planning probably couldn’t have predicted what is about to play out.


Reality Steve stands by his Bachelor spoilers regarding what goes down with Luyendyk in the final rose ceremony and the explosive shift that reportedly will be revealed during the “After the Final Rose” special. There is a juicy tidbit that happens shortly before the final rose that hasn’t happened in the franchise before, but Reality Steve has already shared spoilers about the stunning event.

Steve says that he doesn’t know what Graebner is referencing in mentioning developments that will arise that haven’t been disclosed in the spoilers. However, Reality Steve does detail that he is still working on uncovering some of the remaining outstanding details about how the supposed shocker with Arie’s finale plays out.

For his part, Luyendyk told Variety that he is counting down the days until his current status can be revealed. All leads are anxious to go public with their final rose pick, but considering the Bachelor spoilers involved this time around, fans can imagine that Arie is indeed very anxious to get everything out in the open and move forward.

Fans should brace themselves for a lot more buzz in the days remaining before the Season 22 finale airs, and everybody will be anxious to see what really goes down. Does Arie Luyendyk Jr. find lasting love with his final rose pick, or will Reality Steve’s spoilers about a big Bachelor shocker play out to be true? There are plenty of signs pointing toward a jaw-dropping ending, and viewers are anxious to see it all play out.