Kelly Hildebrandt Divorced Kelly Hildebrandt

A couple with the same name, Kelly Hildebrandt, who met on Facebook and married, is now divorced. Having the same name was not enough to maintain marital bonds according to the couple, and they parted ways over irreconcilable differences.

The two Kellys began in February 2009. Ms. Hildebrandt, then 20, of Coral Springs, Florida came upon the Facebook profile of Mr. Kelly Hildebrandt, 24, of Lubbock, Texas. She sent him a friendly message remarking on the noteworthy coincidence, reports NBC Miami.

After a few weeks of online exchanges Mr. Hildebrandt traveled to South Florida to meet Ms. Hildebrandt. The encounter sparked a whirlwind romance followed by an immediate engagement.

On October 11, 2009, Kelly and Kelly tied the knot in Lighthouse Point, Florida. The marriage garnered media attention, and their wedding pictures glossed the pages of People Magazine.

They lived together in Coconut Creek and celebrated their first anniversary with a trip to Key West. However, last year the two filed for divorced.

“She’s a Florida girl, and I’m a Texas guy. We really did come from pretty different worlds,” according to Mr. Hildebrandt.

NY Daily reports that Mr. Hildebrandt returned to the familiarity of his Texas home with his dog, and is reluctant to marry someone with the same name again. It is not necessarily a sign from fate. Having the same name didn’t impede their love. It was just on the “cutesy side” of a real relationship.

Mr. Hildebrandt couldn’t necessarily answer whether or not the spotlight on their name coincidence had anything to do with the disillusion of the relationship.