David Hogg Denies Crisis Actor Claim Following California Conspiracy, Watch The Florida Student Respond

Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg has denied that he is a crisis actor with an anti-gun agenda after conspiracy theorists accused the student of graduating from a school in California and being paid actor.

The 17-year-old student was interviewed by CBS Los Angeles while he was in living in California about a dispute between his friend and a lifeguard.

A conspiracy theorist has used this unrelated video to suggest that David Hogg is a crisis actor. However, Hogg’s family reportedly moved from California to Florida.

Speaking with CNN, the school shooting survivor denied that he is a crisis actor. The student and his father, who worked in the F.B.I, was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Hogg said that the accusation that he is an actor was “disturbing” and confirmed that he witnessed who was at the school shooting.

He responded to the President’s son Donald Trump, Jr liking a tweet linking to a conspiracy theory article about the student. He described the move by Trump Jr as “disgusting” in the interview, which you can watch below.

According to Snopes, a conspiracy theory claimed that Hogg graduated from a Los Angeles, California, high school in 2015 and created a fake a Classmates.com profile to make the hoax believable.

The publication reports that the source code shows that the fake profile was recently created. Furthermore, the false claim was accompanied by a yearbook image as proof that Hogg graduated from the California school.

However, another student that survived the Florida school shooting debunked the theory on her social media account.

The 17-year-old said that he is not against the second amendment and doesn’t “want to take a constitutional right away from American citizens.”

Hogg suggested that the people who commit atrocities similar to the shooting at his school shouldn’t be able to own guns. He cited those who are mentally unstable or have major convictions as examples.

Benjamin Kelly, an aide to GOP Florida Rep. Shawn Harrison, was fired for referring to David and other surviving students as crisis actors.

President Trump has directed Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice to ban bump stocks. This news comes after Florida lawmakers refuse to debate banning assault rifles as anti-gun activists continue to protest.