Meghan Markle Says ‘Salamat Po!’ That Moment When She Thanked Filipino Fans In Their Native Language [Watch]

Meghan Markle recently visited Edinburgh with Prince Harry, and among those who welcomed them were Filipino fans. As usual, the pair went around to greet well-wishers and this was when the soon-to-be princess showed off her language skills.

The former Suits star was greeting fans at the Edinburgh castle when a Filipina fan, Jenny Ulay, started filming her while she was talking to her and her husband. In the video, Meghan was heard saying “Salamat Po!” as she shakes the couple’s hands.

Meghan Markle’s gesture surprised the Filipinos and they were totally impressed. In the Philippines, the two simple words she uttered means “thank you” and adding “po” at the end was saying it with respect. Thus, the Filipino fans were truly delighted with the way Prince Harry’s fiancée greeted them.

Ulay uploaded the video on her Facebook page and it was shared by Malcolm S. Conlan, a man from the U.K. but describes himself as a Filipino at heart. The Englishman wrote that he is so impressed because the future princess made an effort to speak in Tagalog.

In any case, as Daily Mail reported, Meghan Markle is familiar with simple Tagalog words because she once lived in Los Angeles, California. The state is known to have a large Filipino population.

Likewise, the 36-year-old previously revealed that she is well-acquainted with the Filipino community in L.A. “Growing up in LA, with its melting pot of vast and varied cultures, I was no stranger to the Filipino community,” she wrote on her social media.

Meghan Markle further proved how well she knows the Filipinos by sharing that she even cooks their popular dish called chicken adobo.

“I can whip up a big pot of chicken adobo like it’s nobody’s business, and you’ll occasionally hear me toss out a ‘Salamat po’ conversationally,” she boasted. “I enjoy making slow-cooked food on Sundays, like Filipino-style chicken adobo.”

Incidentally, people in the Philippines just cannot hide the fact that Meghan Markle won them over through her simple act of speaking a bit of Tagalog. They used the social media to relay how happy and proud they are as a Filipino.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visited Scotland last week and their first stop was the Edinburgh Castle. The couple greeted the public outside the castle for around 25 minutes before dropping by the the Social Bite Centre, a charity house for the homeless.

As per the Telegraph, the Scotland trip was the fourth public appearance of Prince Harry and Meghan. Since their engagement was officially announced in November, the pair already visited Nottingham, Brixton, and Cardiff as the prince introduces his soon-to-be wife to the people of Britain.