WWE News: Rey Mysterio Gives Update On WWE Return, Name-Drops Two Huge Names He Wants To Face

When his music hit at the Royal Rumble last month, fans were shocked and thrilled to see Rey Mysterio head out to the ring, but as it just a one-night thing? Everyone in the WWE Universe was hoping that they would see him the following week on television, but it has been a couple of weeks now and there's been no sign of him. However, Mysterio has personally given an update on a possible WWE return and even name-dropped two huge names he wants to face off against.

At No. 27, Mysterio came out to a huge ovation and lasted until near the very end of the match before being eliminated. The 43-year-old was said to be in talks with WWE, but as previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was a one-off thing for the time being.

A few weeks have now passed since Mysterio showed up for one of the most entertaining Royal Rumble matches in recent history, but he's still nowhere to be found. Mysterio recently spoke with Inside the Ropes to update everyone on his status, and it appears that a WWE return is still possible.

"Right now, the conversation is still in the open with WWE so I am hoping that when the time is right and we sit down to talk about the future of Rey Mysterio with WWE, if there is any future with Rey Mysterio, it is going to be good for both parties as much as it will be good for WWE as it will be good for me. I think it is in the best interest for the both of us."

As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Mysterio believes there is even a possibility to work WWE and some independent shows such as with 5 Star Wrestling.

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It has been a few years since Rey Mysterio was on the WWE roster, and there have been a number of new superstars who have joined the company during that time. Fans would love to see Mysterio face off against the likes of Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura, or even Braun Strowman.

The official website of WWE added a little fuel to the rumored return fire by posting a video teasing a match between Mysterio and AJ Styles, the current WWE Champion.

As for Mysterio, he not against facing off with Styles if he were to return to WWE, but he has someone else in mind as well. Not knowing if he would be part of the heavyweight division or 205 Live, Rey Rey says he'd love to face Finn Balor at some point.

"Man, there are so many strong names that have been around for quite some time. AJ Styles is one of them. I think that AJ and myself would have a pretty nice run together. Finn Balor, I think I would have a pretty good run with Finn. There are a lot of names that are being thrown out there. If I came back, would I be part of the 205 Live division? Heavyweight division? It is just hard to say. I think that whatever the fans want to see, if I do come back, that is what we will give them."

The Royal Rumble saw a number of names from the past hit the ring for minor returns, but Rey Mysterio was easily the biggest of them all. Since that time, fans have been hoping he would show up again on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, but it simply hasn't happened as of yet. All is not lost, though, as Mysterio says that talks are still ongoing. However, if it is up to him, he'd battle it out with AJ Styles and Finn Balor upon his return.