Daniel Craig Unrecognizable To Segment Of Viewers Following BAFTAs Appearance

Joel RyanAP Images

Daniel Craig is unrecognizable to a segment of viewers who watched the BAFTAs on Sunday night. The Sun reports that Twitter went into “meltdown” when the James Bond star was the subject of debate. The handsome actor’s typically chiseled features were more “puffy” and less prominent during the awards ceremony. Several commented that the 49-year-old looked completely different onstage at the awards show held in London.

While Craig had everything going for him in the style department as he normally does, something was off about him this time in the eyes of observers. It wasn’t anything that could be blamed on the tux he was wearing or which way his hair was combed.

Some samples of tweets below illustrate what people were saying about Daniel Craig looking unrecognizable. The overall consensus is that the 007 stud looks “older” and not well. There is speculation as well that he’s been under the knife.

The Sun reached out to British plastic surgeon Dr. David Jack to see if he could analyze what’s different about Daniel Craig’s appearance. Dr. Jack told the website that Craig’s face “looks swollen and unnatural.” It may stem from different things, but the “most obvious” is the “overdoing of Botox and fillers.”

The doctor assesses that Craig has had a “high dosage” of Botox in both the top and lower portions of his face. Fillers are another procedure that’s been done on the film star, according to Dr. Jack. The cosmetic surgeon added that when administering Botox on men, great care must be taken in not using too much. If every line is removed, it tends to “feminize” the face and give a “weird” result. He said the goal of Botox is to “relax” the features, not totally smooth them out. The same goes for fillers — it should be used sparingly and only to “create volume where it’s been lost.”

Dr. Jack goes on to say that none of these procedures should be relied upon to create key features like cheekbones if they didn’t exist before.

The doctor continued that if Daniel Craig isn’t ill or is experiencing a facial reaction, overuse of Botox might be the culprit. In that case, Dr. Jack suggests “correctional treatment to dissolve the fillers.”

Daniel Craig is due to star in his fifth James Bond movie, due out November 2019.