‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Double Eviction This Friday — Who’s Marked For Ousting?

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal that this Friday’s two-hour episode of CBB US will feature a double live eviction. The houseguests don’t know this for sure, but since they suspected it was coming last Friday, no doubt they’ve done the math. There are seven houseguests left, the finale is just five days away, so they must know that a double eviction is inevitable and rapidly approaching. With Mark as HoH, thanks to James throwing the comp, the guys are running the house, but they still don’t have numbers on their side. Here’s a look at the planned nominations and who might go next.

Nomination Anticipation And Veto Strategy

CBB US spoilers promise that Ross is lobbying hard to get Omarosa Manigault out the door this Friday, but James wants to be rid of Brandi Glanville since he doesn’t like her attitude towards him and is encouraging Mark to nominate the allied women. According to Big Brother Network, Mark will nominate Ariadna with Brandi and should put both on the block today, February 20, when noms are revealed on the Live Feeds.

Ross can push all he wants, but he doesn’t know that Omarosa cut a deal with both James and Mark to keep her safe this week. Omarosa didn’t nom them, so Mark won’t nom her unless he must. James and Mark are aligned with Ross and Marissa, so it’s likely that Omarosa would be a renom if Brandi or Ariadna wins the Power of Veto.

The odds are against the Brandi-Ari alliance, though, because Omarosa wouldn’t pull either of them down if she wins PoV and neither will Mark or James. Plus, Ross and Marissa will feel the pressure of leaving Mark’s nominations as-is if either of them wins the Power of Veto. The only chance Brandi and Ari have is likely in their own hands to win PoV.

Double Eviction, Who’s Next?

With seven left in the house, the count is three guys (James, Mark, and Ross) versus four ladies (Ariadna, Brandi, Marissa, and Omarosa). With a woman statistically confirmed for eviction this week, the gender split will be 3-3, but Ross is more closely aligned to the ladies but could break free if it means getting closer to the win. Mark can’t play in Friday’s rapid-fire HoH comp, so if he and James are to stay safe, James must win the comp.

If James or Omarosa doesn’t win HoH on Friday, it should be Omarosa, James and Mark that will be nominated for the second eviction with the third of them as the renom target. Oma has a loose alliance with the two guys and knows the rest of the house wants her gone. James or Omarosa winning it will send one of the ladies (or Ross) home since Oma wanted Ross out this week, but America’s Vote veto twist (and Metta’s apathy for playing Big Brother) torpedoed her HoH.

Live Feeds Update

Overnight, Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Jokers Updates reveal Ross and Brandi plotting to figure out how they can get Mark to change his mind and target Omarosa. They discuss ways to “poke the bear” to set Oma off to make her a bigger target than Brandi. Also last night, James called Brandi out for being a bully and said he was bullied as a kid so he has a zero tolerance for her behavior. Mark tentatively agreed to renom Omarosa only if Ariadna or Brandi wins the veto comp.

Ross talked to Mark about Oma’s manipulative behavior and lies but was preaching to the choir. Mark knows that Omarosa needs to go, but since he and James are bros, and James wants Brandi gone, that seems to be the target that’s sticking. However, Omarosa remains a big target in the house. That being said, James is a comp beast and would be HoH right now if he had not thrown the comp to Mark. Will the HGs recognize the larger danger?

There’s also the question of whether Brandi’s drinking is affecting her performance in the comps since she’s blatantly stated she boozes before playing. See the new CBB US episode tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 21 at 8 p.m., and then don’t miss the two-hour, double live eviction episode of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition on Friday, February 23 from 8-10 p.m. Check back often for more Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, news, and live feeds updates.