‘Kill The NRA’: Louisville Billboard Vandalized With Anti-NRA Message, Allegedly By Group That Opposes Trump

Maxim TarasyuginShutterstock

A billboard in the Louisville area was vandalized this week, with the sign’s original message being replaced with the words “Kill the NRA” by the alleged vandal or vandals, the Louisville Courier Journal is reporting. “The NRA” in this context refers to the National Rifle Association, the gun-rights organization whose name often comes up in the wake of mass shootings.

Outfront Media, which owns the billboard that sits along busy Interstate 65 in the heart of the Louisville metro area, says that the vandalism was “immediately removed.” As of this writing, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified. However, the billboard was tagged “Resist 45,” identified by the Journal as a group that opposes Donald Trump, the 45th president.

The NRA seems to come up in the aftermath of just about every mass shooting in the United States, and last week’s school shooting in Florida is no exception. The group vehemently lobbies against just about any form of gun control legislation, and for this reason, some believe that the group bears at least some culpability for mass shootings in the United States.

For example, as the New York Daily News reports, some survivors of the Florida school shooting have taken aim at politicians they claim are in the NRA’s pocket. High school senior Emma Gonzalez, for example, believes that having accepted NRA campaign money is going to be a Mark of Cain for many politicians in the 2018 election.

“People who are being funded by the NRA are not going to be allowed to remain in office when midterm elections roll around. They’re going to be voted out of office.”

The NRA, for its part, took the occasion to reiterate its belief that gun-control advocates are coming not just for the organization, but for its followers’ guns.

So unpopular is the NRA becoming in the wake of the latest mass shooting that Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway has asked the organization to move its planned May convention from Dallas to another city, according to USA Today.

“There will be marches and demonstrations should they come to Dallas.”

The group has stated that they plan to stay in Dallas.

Meanwhile, “Resist 45,” the group that allegedly claimed responsibility for the Louisville vandalism, has been known to make its presence felt on Louisville-area billboards before. Last year, a billboard was vandalized with the phrase “Grab life by the p***y,” a reference to Donald Trump’s statement to Billy Bush about grabbing women by a certain part of their anatomy. That act of vandalism was also tagged “Resist 45.”