Metta World Peace Explains How He Made Peace With His ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Eviction

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Metta World Peace made things easy for the Celebrity Big Brother contestants this week. The former NBA star, who has been asking to go home practically since Day One of the celebrity edition of the CBS reality show, was finally sent packing during Monday’s live eviction episode, just six days before the finale. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Metta World Peace explained why he couldn’t take another day in the Celebrity Big Brother house and why he asked his fellow houseguests to have mercy on him and send him home.

Metta told ET when he was first sequestered in the Celebrity Big Brother house in early February he didn’t think he would be able to deal with it. Indeed, the contestants are cut off from all contact with the outside world and have no access to the Internet or cell phones.

Metta World Peace stuck it out for 20 days, but he finally made peace with the fact that he couldn’t do it anymore. After eviction nominee Ross Matthews saved himself by winning the special VIP Power of Veto, Metta asked Head of Household Omarosa Manigault to put him up as the replacement nominee. Metta’s plea to be sent home because he missed his family was respected by the other houseguests, who voted 4-0 to evict him from the Celebrity Big Brother game.


Following his eviction, Metta World Peace told ET that he had plenty of allies and friendships in the Celebrity Big Brother house but he was simply “not prepared” for how hard the show would be for him and how lonely he would feel. The basketball star said he couldn’t wait to see his wife and kids. Metta was also ready to replace his Big Brother stuffed owl, Orwell, with some human hugs.

“We only had so many things in the house to do, and when you’re home at the Big Brother house, missing your family, I had no one to hold,” Metta said. “This owl got me through a lot of days.”

In his exit interview with host Julie Chen, Metta World Peace said he was “going crazy” in the Celebrity Big Brother house, so he knew it was time to go.

“I was going crazy in that room,” Metta said.

“I cannot live without my family another day.”

Still, despite his laid-back gameplay and lack of knowledge of the Big Brother game, Metta felt that he had what it takes to win Celebrity Big Brother had he stayed in the house.

“I started putting some pieces together to make [players in the house] go against each other. I had them on their heels in there,” Metta said.

Metta World Peace Eviction
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Because he missed his family so much, Metta World Peace reportedly tried to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier in the season. Metta repeatedly said he couldn’t wait to see his longtime love Maya Ford and his children, Ron Artest III, Diamond Artest, Sade Artest, and Jeron Artest.

When Shannon Elizabeth was Head of Household, Metta point blank asked her to nominate him for eviction, but she declined. Entertainment Weekly reported that live feed viewers later saw Metta hit the “emergency button” to alert them of his desire to self-evict, but he was convinced by the producers to stay on the show.

Now that he’s back in the real world, Metta World Peace will help vote for the winner of the Celebrity Big Brother $250,000 grand prize on February 25.