TLC Reveals The Aftermath Of Extreme Weight Loss, ‘Skin Tight’ Show Gets Third Season

While some lucky individuals spend their lives ignorant of the struggles of extreme weight loss, for others, shaving off excess weight can literally become a life-and-death situation. It may be easy to berate the subjects of TLC’s famous My 600-LB Life for allowing their bodies to balloon to ridiculous proportions, but longtime viewers will understand the difficulties through which the subjects of the show must endure. The hit series often offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of individuals suffering from certain medical conditions that make losing weight incredibly difficult. What’s more, while the show has a fair amount of success stories, for most, the weight-loss battle doesn’t end once the pounds are shed. For many, the rapid loss of large amounts of body fat results in huge amounts of excess skin, which the body simply cannot remove.

For people in this position, life can be difficult. While the fat may be gone, the pounds upon pounds of remaining skin can serve as a brutal reminder that the issue has yet to be truly resolved. Most viewers associate mental health issues with those who are disgusted by their weight, but Skin Tight fans will no doubt understand that the extra weight carried around by the ex-obese is more mental than physical.

The upcoming third season of the follow-up to TLC’s My 600-Lb Life, which is set to debut on March 7, will detail the challenges faced by 29 people who have managed to escape from the brutal ensnarement of morbid obesity. In the first episode of the season, viewers will be reacquainted with Stephanie, who vowed to better her life after witnessing her son undergo a life-saving surgery following a stroke, according to Newsweek.

“Stephanie underwent weight loss surgery and dropped almost 200 pounds, determined to change her life for good. But before long, the weight and embarrassment of her excess skin kept her from working out, playing with her child and finding a lasting relationship.”

The season’s pilot episode will also feature Stephanie’s mother, who is also struggling with excess skin following dramatic weight loss. Finally, viewers will meet B.J., an ex-drug user who managed to overcome an eating disorder and drop 350 pounds. Now, he needs to undergo skin removal surgery in order to complete his transformation, TLC explains.

According to TV Series Finale, TLC urges invested viewers to join the conversation about the upcoming third season of Skin Tight on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While some may believe the original show to be somewhat exploitative of those with debilitating illnesses, TLC’s spin-off series helps to provide a more complete example of the experience of shedding hundreds of pounds. For those in similar positions, it can be an emotional thing to watch, but that may be one of the reasons for the show’s success.