Kristina Schulman On Dean Unglert’s Romance With Lesley Murphy On ‘Bachelor Winter Games’

Nicholas HuntGetty Images for Ark Endeavors

One person who apparently isn’t watching Dean Unglert romance Lesley Murphy on The Bachelor Winter Games, despite once having been very close to Dean, is his former love interest Kristina Schulman. Days after the premiere of the new spin-off show aired, Kristina admitted via her Instagram page that she’s not watching it.

In response to a photo that Kristina posted about three days ago to her Instagram page of herself on a safari vacation, someone asked her how many times she rolled her eyes watching Dean on The Bachelor Winter Games. Obviously, the person who left the comment was not a fan of how Dean treated Kristina on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 last year and believes that Dean’s current behavior with Lesley on the current spin-off show is not genuine.

“christophersolares: How many times did you roll your eyes last night watching Dean?”

Instead of bashing Dean, Kristina simply responded that she didn’t watch the show. In what may have been an indication that she made the decision to not watch Dean and Lesley instead of simply having missed the show, Kristina ended her response with cheeky emoji.

“kristinaschulman: @christophersolares I didn’t watch”

Kristina not watching Dean on the new spin-off show may not be surprising to many of the franchise’s fans. After all, Dean caused her much heartbreak on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 due to his wavering affections. Early on in the season, Kristina and Dean showed interest in one another and made a connection. Their interest in and connection with one another was so strong that when the show took a break due to the Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson sex scandal, they stayed with one another.

Unfortunately for Kristina, however, Dean was not so sure about being with Kristina anymore once Danielle Lombard came along. He openly flirted and made out with Danielle. Yet when confronted by Kristina, he wouldn’t break things off with her and maintained that he was still interested in her. For the rest of the season, Dean continued to swing between Kristina and Danielle. Kristina cried and both women repeatedly said that they wanted Dean to “man up” and make a choice.

Dean Unglert’s indecision between the two women continued even after the show finished filming. During the reunion show, it was revealed that Dean stayed in contact with both Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. Dean’s continual indecision pretty much led to him losing both women.

In response to Kristina admitting that she wasn’t watching Dean on the new spin-off show, one viewer commended her for doing so. The viewer further gave her opinion that Dean’s still behaving the way that he did in the previous show and so Kristina should consider herself blessed for not being with him.

“maggiemay0919: @kristinaschulman good. He is still the same exact guy. Saying all the same crap. Consider yourself blessed.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kristina became such a fan favorite after Bachelor in Paradise that many have voiced their opinion that she should be the next star of The Bachelorette.

So far on the two episodes of The Bachelor Winter Games that have aired, viewers have watched Dean and Lesley Murphy develop a romantic connection. Yet while they have fun with one another and have good conversations, it has been Lesley, and not Dean, who has taken the initiative when it comes to furthering their relationship. Echoing what happened on Bachelor in Paradise, Dean seems as if he’s just going along with a relationship with Lesley while at the same time keeping his options open. On several occasions, Lesley has questioned whether Dean is mature enough to be in a serious relationship.

It remains to be seen whether viewers will watch Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy leave The Bachelor Winter Games committed to one another or if they will see Dean, in an echo of what happened with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard, lose her because of his indecision and unwillingness to commit. Not surprisingly, neither Dean nor Lesley has provided any clues in their social media pages as to whether they’re still together.