Morgan Williams: School Shooting Victim Tells Trump ‘Have A D**m Heart’ For Blaming Shooting On Russia Probe

Wilfredo LeeAP Images

Morgan Williams survived the deadly school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School this week, and now is in no mood to hear Donald Trump’s attempts to blame the massacre on the Russia investigation.

Late on Saturday night, the president took a break from a weekend at his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort to share his thoughts on the school shooting. On Twitter, Trump claimed that the FBI was at fault for its fixation on the Russia investigation and failing to follow up on a tip about the suspect.

The tweet drew an immediate backlash, with people across the aisle attacking Trump for appearing to turn the tragedy into a chance to discredit the investigation that seems to be moving along quickly. Just one day before, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation announced the indictment of 13 Russians for interfering in the election by spreading propaganda on social media. The investigation has already led to indictments against Trump’s former campaign manager and National Security Adviser.

But Trump tried to claim that the FBI is wasting its time on the investigation, despite the progress forward, and claimed that the investigation is at fault for the deadly school shooting. As NBC News had reported, the FBI was warned about threatening statements the suspect posted on social media, but they were unable to track down the suspect.


One of the loudest voices against Donald Trump was Morgan Williams, a student at Stoneman Douglas High School who survived this week’s deadly shooting. Taking to Twitter, Williams admonished Trump, asking how he could turn the tragedy into an attempt to get himself off the hook.


The tweet went viral almost immediately, garnering thousands of responses and support for the school shooting survivor. A number of other students have joined Morgan Williams in speaking out in the wake of the shooting, including Emma Gonzalez, who CNN noted gave an impassioned speech against those who stand in the way of gun control.

Morgan Williams is not the only person taking aim at Donald Trump for making the school shooting about himself. Congressman Ruben Gallego called Trump a “psychopath” for using the shooting in an attempt to gain political cover for the investigation.


“America will regret the day you were ever born,” Gallego wrote on Twitter.


As the Chicago Tribune noted, Trump has also been accused of ignoring victims during a visit to Florida and instead focusing on heaping superlatives on first responders.

“He did not give an emotional or rousing commemoration to the victims – like President Barack Obama did after a mass shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church – nor did he seem to publicly greet any families whose children were killed in the attack,” the report noted. “Speaking at a funeral or a large vigil was not on the agenda. There were no calls for American resolve. There were no tears.”

Donald Trump’s focus appeared to have shifted away from the school shooting this weekend. On Sunday morning, he continued a Twitter stream calling the Russia investigation a political cover for “Crooked Hillary Clinton” losing the election.