Melania Trump Reportedly ‘Furious’ And ‘Strained’ Over Husband’s Alleged Affair, According To ‘Hollywood Life’

Melania Trump is reportedly “furious” over the latest affair allegations plaguing her husband. According to a GOP insider who spoke with Hollywood Life, the first lady feels humiliated and is putting on a brave face for the public.

Barely any time had passed since headlines linked President Donald Trump with porn star Stormy Daniels, a woman who was reportedly paid hush money to keep an affair she had with the president quiet. Only a mere weeks after reports began cooling off over the cheating, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year comes forward with allegations that she also had an affair with Trump. Karen McDougal opened up about her alleged affair with Donald Trump on Friday.

Melania Trump was spotted heading to Air Force One separate from the president before they flew to Florida on Friday. Her spokesperson cited scheduling conflicts, a reason she stated for Mrs. Trump pulling out of her plan to travel with him to Devos, Switzerland in January. Instead, the first lady made an unannounced trip to Florida. The strange move immediately followed the Stormy Daniels scandal. A few weeks later, Mrs. Trump took a separate vehicle to attend the State of the Union Address. Her spokesperson explained that Melania was accompanying the president’s special guests who sat with her during the address.

The GOP source talking to Hollywood Life revealed that Melania Trump is frustrated over the alleged allegations, mainly due to the intense media coverage. The insider said that in reality, Melania didn’t expect her husband to stay faithful all of these years, but wasn’t prepared for the merciless headlines when married to the President of the United States. She’s allegedly mortified that she’s seen as a wife putting up with a cheating husband.

“Newspapers all around the globe are running with the allegations, in addition to every single major news channel—it’s totally humiliating when the whole world is speculating on whether your husband has been cheating on you or not. The strain that it’s taking on Melania is clear to see, on the occasions she is by Donald’s side—which seem to be fewer and fewer by the week—she appears to be forcing herself to play the part of loving spouse, all while her body language screams otherwise.”

Both extramarital affairs reported on Donald Trump supposedly happened right around the time Melania had their son, Barron, who’s now 11-years-old.

Melania is largely seen as attempting to avoid the president as much as possible. She did join him Saturday to visit injured victims in the hospital from the Florida school shooting. Aside from that, she’s been removing herself as much as possible from having to put on a united front with him.

CNN reporter, Kate Bennett, covered Melania Trump. When the first lady arrived on Air Force One alone, Bennett wrote in a tweet on February 16, “I have learned not to believe in Melania Trump coincidences. Generally speaking, her movements and decisions are thoughtful and done with intent. Schedule or no, this is an interesting day to assert independence.”

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