Trump Rumors Swirl — Waitress Encounter Alleged By British Entrepreneur Peter de Savary’s 3rd Wife

A British entrepreneur has described a scene that his wife allegedly witnessed, which entails Trump getting caught in a compromising position. It is only fair to say that this man also described a business dealing that left him a bit tainted against Trump. Donald Trump was allegedly seen with a waitress in a corridor outside a business meeting that both Peter de Savary and Trump were in London to attend. De Savary claims his wife saw Trump and he was having sex with the waitress that just served them their meals.

According to the Daily Mail, De Savary “has no time for Donald Trump after they fell out over the purchase of the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.” Although he “has no time” for Donald Trump, he does apparently have enough time to offer up a little diddy about the President, which he claims his wife witnessed.

He claims that he lost out to Trump in his attempt to purchase the Mar-A-Lago property. De Savary claims he was invited to a luncheon where the business transaction was going to be discussed. At the time, De Savary had his third wife with him and Trump, who was married to his first wife at the time, didn’t have Ivana with him that day.

De Savary claims that Trump excused himself from making a conference call halfway through the lunch. Just a short time after that, De Savary’s wife excused herself to go to the “loo,” or bathroom on this side of the pond.

His wife returned rather quickly, and she was “ashen-faced” as De Savary recalled. His wife told him: “I took the second on the left as you said, and the girl who was serving us lunch had her skirt up and Trump was having sex with her in the corridor.”

This alleged spur of the moment encounter is something the British entrepreneur apparently felt compelled to share after all these years. This latest accusation comes on the heels of two alleged affairs in the headlines, one with a former porn star and the other with a former Playboy model, as described by the New Yorker.

During the lunch, Trump returned and told De Savary that they would do this together, the business deal with the Mar-a-Lago property. He also said Trump parted ways after saying he’d be calling him shortly and that the two will go in on this venture 50/50.

De Savary said he ended up calling Trump after a couple of months and Trump told him he had decided to do the deal on his own. De Savary said in an interview, “So, that’s the man you have as a president. Takes ‘conference calls’ and doesn’t respect a handshake.” One commenter on the Daily Mail story wrote: “Retitled this story, British businessman loses a deal to Trump and is now butthurt.”

This seems to have opened a discussion on Trump’s libido online as the readers of the Daily Mail story have different takes on casual sex in this country. According to the Daily Mail, the White House has yet to comment on De Savary’s claims.

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