'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals The Secret Behind Goku And Vegeta's Quick Power Recovery

Chris van Buren

Dragon Ball's Goku and Vegeta are undeniably powerful. Every time they get knocked out by an opponent, they seem to get back on their feet while powering up. This got Dragon Ball fans thinking and trying to come up with an explanation regarding this matter.

In line with that, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama explained, "Saiyans rapidly increase in strength as they fight against strong opponents, so the longer they fought, the more that gap would shrink. It might even be possible for them to eventually turn the tables."

Toriyama stated this in relation to Goku and God of Destruction Beerus' battle. It is also said in reference to the fight with Jiren. Jiren is one of the strongest fighters Goku has fought with as the Pride Trooper is equally strong if not more so than Beerus. Goku previously achieved a transformation that enables him to utilize Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power. This exhibits Goku's potential in powering up and being able to bridge his power gap. Sooner or later, his power will be on par with other strong fighters like Jiren. Saiyans can compensate the power difference with their heritage.

Goku and Vegeta are both powerful but Goku seems to have an edge due to his technique and willingness to work on his shortcomings. Being a royalty, Vegeta has a higher potential. However, he doesn't seem to be working on it that much. Goku has more S-Cells than Vegeta because he has lived an easier life on Earth.

Previously, Toriyama revealed that Saiyans need enough S-Cells to become powerful Super Saiyans. One cannot be a Super Saiyan through mere training and anger. S-Cells must be present in one's body. However, anger can prompt an immense increase in S-Cells which can cause a physical change.

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