Trump Gets Humiliating Welcome Ahead Of Florida Condolence Trip — Visit ‘Absolutely Absurd’ Claims Vice Mayor

Trump wants to do something that’s “real” and not just talk, claims Shepard Smith on Friday’s live broadcast of Fox News. The President plans to visit Broward County to bring his condolences in person to the folks who are still raw from the school shooting massacre. He took to Twitter let the public in on his plans Friday morning.

Mark Bogan, who is the vice mayor of Broward County, slammed the idea of Trump coming to the area saying that this trip is “absolutely absurd.” Bogan wants to know how Trump can come here and “talk about how horrible it is,” but at the same time, he is supporting the laws that allowed that gun in the hand of the teen who took the lives of 17 innocent souls.

Calling Trump’s actions “hypocrisy,” Bogan cited Trump coming to Florida and predicted he would “act as though this is horrible and how it should never have happened.” He goes on to suggest how Trump will turn around and go back to Washington and continue to support the gun laws as they stand today, according to The Hill.

Bogan cited a bill that Trump signed overturning the Obama’s administration’s attempt to make it harder for people with mental illness to purchase guns. The signature of the President on that bill wiped away the effort initially made to tighten up gun ownership, according to Bogan.

Trump tweeted his intentions to meet with some of the “bravest people on Earth” during his trip to Broward County today. The President was referring to the people who jumped in to help protect the students and the students themselves for enduring this horrific tragedy.

He also said that these people are brave, but their lives have been “totally shattered” by the unimaginable tragedy that unfolded at their school. According to the BBC, while mentioning his plans for a trip to Broward County, he also said it wasn’t a time to talk about gun control.

Since Wednesday’s heartwrenching tragedy, Trump has focused on mental illness when it comes to the Parkland school shooting, while others have focused on gun control in the aftermath. Trump’s focus has left some people very angry and upset that President Trump has not changed his views on gun control or even mentioned the topic as playing a part of this tragedy in the wake of the school shooting.

While Trump has not made a move toward gun control, the Democrats have taken up a renewed effort in the aftermath of the shooting and “survivors of the attack have joined in on the call,” writes The Hill. They have joined with the Democrats demanding the Republicans take action in the wake of the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the city of Parkland, Florida.

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