Parkland, Florida Shooting: Here Are The Victims From Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School [Photos]

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On Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018, a deadly mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, continued the horrific trend that doesn't seem to have a solution. When it was all over, 17 people lost their lives in a senseless act of violence and many others were injured. The 19-year-old gunman was taken into custody and was said to be working with authorities. On Thursday, the names of the victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School began coming out.

When the students and teachers went to school on Wednesday, they went through a fire drill early in the morning. Later that day, the fire alarm sounded again and a gunman opened fire as everyone exited into the halls to leave the building during what everyone thought was another drill or an actual emergency.

From there, the terror began and the lives of 17 people were ended far too early and long before they should have left this earth. Families are dealing with injuries to other students and many others are trying to cope with the losses they suffered on Valentine's Day, as reported by NBC News.

The full list of victims is going to be released as the day continues on Thursday, but many of the names were already out in the early afternoon.

Aaron Feis

— MS Douglas Football (@MSDEagles) February 15, 2018

Martin Duque (14)

Jaime Guttenberg

Fred Guttenberg took to his Facebook page to reveal that he and his wife had "lost our baby girl (Jaime Guttenberg) to a violent shooting at her school."

Alyssa Al Hadeff (15)

"A knife is stabbed in my heart. I wish I could of taken those bullets for you. I will always love you and your memory will live on forever."

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 15, 2018

"Our Luke was a precious child, who just went to school yesterday not knowing what was to come," another relative said.

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 15, 2018

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) February 15, 2018

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— Aliya Ciara Scott (@Alicious84) February 15, 2018

"He wasn't supposed to die," his cousin said. "He was supposed to grow old with me."

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 15, 2018

"There are no hashtags for moments like this, only sadness," she wrote. "Our hearts are with [her family] and all the families touched by this tragedy."

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 15, 2018

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"her life was taken way too soon and i have no words to describe how this feels," a friend wrote on Facebook. "Rest In Peace my beautiful angel. you are and forever will be loved."

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 15, 2018

A student said Beigel unlocked the door to his classroom and let her in. "When he opened the door, he had to relock it so that we could stay safe but he didn't get the chance."

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 15, 2018

An administrator from a nearby school described him as "probably the nicest guy I have ever met" and someone who "would give you the shirt off his back."

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) February 15, 2018

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Confirmed fatalities: -Peter Wang -Nicholas Dworet -Martin Duque -Alaina Petty -Jamie Guttenberg -Gina Montalto -Luke Hoyer -Alyssa Alhadeff -Joaquin Oliver -Aaron Feis

Missing: -Rachel Alaya -Meadow Pollack -Cara Loughran -Carmen Schentrup

— Ryan (@theeryanwallis) February 15, 2018

The mass shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida is a tragedy that will not soon be forgotten and one that has raised a lot of questions. With a school shooting happening on average of every 60 hours in 2018, the one on Valentine's Day now has people talking more than ever. Many are calling for change and for something more to be done, but others are just focused on remembering the victims and those who have lost their lives.