‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Creator Confirms Prequel, What Charlie Hunnam Says About Returning As Jax Teller

With Mayans MC officially on the way, Sons of Anarchy fans can’t wait to see what else Kurt Sutter has in the works. The spin-off won’t debut until this fall, but Sutter recently revealed that he’s planning on releasing two more projects based around Charlie Hunnam’s Jax Teller. How did Hunnam respond to the news?

Sutter explained how he sees Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC as two chapters in a four-part series. The seven-season run of Sons of Anarchy is chapter one in Sutter’s mind, while Mayans MC, which takes place after Jax’s death, is chapter two.

As long as Mayans MC is a success, Sutter plans on continues Jax’s story with one prequel and another sequel. In the meantime, Mayans MC will address Jax’s actions in the Season 7 finale of Sons of Anarchy and how it affected other motorcycle gangs.

“We’re going to play the reality of that last day and the events that happened with who he killed that day and the impact and perhaps the trickle down that may have had on Northern Cali,” Sutter explained. “So it won’t have a direct impact on the Mayans, but we make reference to it in the pilot so that we play the reality of it.”

As far as Jax is concerned, Sutter revealed that chapter three will most likely be a prequel about SAMCRO’s early days. The show would focus mainly on Jax’s father, John Teller, who founded the motorcycle club after coming home from Vietnam in the 1960s. The events will take place long before Jax’s birth and explore John’s manuscript and his longtime war with the Mayans.

This would include introducing the founding members of the club, also referred to as the First 9. Sadly, Sutter has no plans on going beyond Jax’s birth, so the chances of seeing Charlie Hunnam back in action is a long shot at this point.

Hunnam’s character was killed off during the series finale of Sons of Anarchy. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see the 36-year-old actor wearing the reaper in the near future, Hunnam is excited about the new spin-off. The actor recently shared his thoughts on Mayans MC and admitted that he’d be watching when it premieres this fall.

Hunnam also praised Sutter for being an amazing writer and credited him for having a unique vision in the industry. Hunnam did not say whether or not he’ll be making a cameo on the show, but he certainly likes the idea of focusing on the Mayans.

Hunnam previously confessed that he’d be willing to reprise his role as Jax for a short cameo. With his character dead, however, it will be hard fitting him in the spin-off, which takes place after the events of Sons of Anarchy. His character could be featured in some kind of flashback, though it sounds like Sutter doesn’t want to touch anything related to the original series.


Given how Hunnam has been such a huge part of the franchise, it seems unlikely that he won’t have at least one more appearance before Sutter calls it a wrap.

But what about the fourth chapter in Sutter’s plan?

Sutter envisions doing a direct sequel to Sons of Anarchy and exploring how Jax’s sons, Abel and Thomas, react when they find out about their outlaw father. Sutter explained how this series would come much further down the line and focus on Abel and Thomas’ journey and what they do with their lives. Of course, this all depends on how well Mayans MC does and whether or not fans want to see more of the Sons of Anarchy universe. If all goes well, it’s clear that Sutter has big plans for his biker world.

The prequel, meanwhile, is also probably the best chance at seeing Hunnam back in action, though we still don’t have a firm timeline on when that chapter will begin. At least fans can rest assured knowing that Hunnam is willing to stay involved in the Sons of Anarchy, even if he doesn’t have a direct part in it moving forward.

Mayans MC is set to premiere on FX this coming fall. The first season will feature a total of 10 episodes and dive into the inner workings of SAMCRO’s longtime rival, the Mayans. Sutter has not revealed whether we’ll see any Sons of Anarchy characters in Mayans MC, but given how the two shows are closely related, we’ll probably see a few familiar faces before it’s all over.

The only character we know for sure will be back is Emilio Rivera’s Marcus Alvarez, the president of the Mayans.

Kurt Sutter has not commented on Charlie Hunnam returning as Jax Teller in the Sons of Anarchy prequel. The hit biker series, which is FX’s most popular show to date, concluded its seven-year run in the winter of 2014.

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