‘Criminal Minds’ Actor Thomas Gibson Reportedly Finalizes His Divorce, According To ‘TMZ’

Criminal Minds alum Thomas Gibson has had his own fare share of controversies surrounding his career as well as his personal life. The 50-year-old actor was terminated by CBS in August 2016 following an altercation with one of the show’s former writers, Virgil Williams. Not only that his fans rallied behind him amid these controversies, but they also supported him throughout his divorce journey with his wife, Christine Parker. Now, it looks like he is up in the market again after finalizing his divorce that he filed in 2014.

According to the new legal documents obtained by TMZ, the Criminal Minds alum is required to pay $3,000 monthly support to his children. He also needs to cover the kids’ expenses in their private school as well as their extracurricular activities. It has been a while since the couple has reached a deal regarding their divorce and the kids, but the judge has just signed off on the pact last week. Fans would be glad to know that the former couple is still settling things between them amicably, especially when it comes to their kids.

The documents also stated that the Criminal Minds actor would be able to stay in their family home in San Antonio, Texas with the kids every other weekend. However, when the kids are not with him, he can stay in the guest house.

“We spent a year and a half in mediation. We kept it private because divorce is hard enough on kids without having to deal with it publicly. Christine and I switch off staying with our kids at home in San Antonio. We did the best we could and continue to do the best we can as parents.”

Thomas Gibson in September 2016 spoke with People and opened up about his marriage and divorce with his wife, saying that they are doing their best as parents. Together, they decided to keep their divorce private as they knew it was difficult for their kids to deal with. He also said that he gives importance to marriage, especially when he and his wife got married in 1993.

He went on to say that they tried to patch things up for almost two years and tried to save their marriage. Unfortunately, some good things must come to an end although it seems that they still are great parents to their brood.

In 2013, an unidentified woman told TMZ that she sent Thomas Gibson provocative photos and video while maintaining an online relationship. However, the Criminal Minds alum denied these allegations and said that he can never ruin his marriage just because of cheating. Apparently, the actor was surprised when he heard that people were thinking that he cheated on his now ex-wife.

It’s not just his marriage that puts Gibson in controversy. While he is one of the biggest cornerstones of Criminal Minds, CBS did not falter to fire him despite his contract with them when he had a fight with the writer. However, fans stood by him and decided to boycott the show since his termination in 2016.

“Being a dad is the greatest experience of my life.”

Thomas Gibson and Christine Parker share three children – daughter Agatha, 13, and sons Travis, 15, and James, 18.

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