‘Teen Mom OG’: Tyler Baltierra Speaks Out About His Sister On Twitter

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra is speaking out about his sister, Amber, after fans began to speculate about her lifestyle when she appeared on the most recent episode of the MTV reality series.

According to a Feb. 14 report by Starcasm, Teen Mom OG fans watched on Monday night as Tyler Baltierra had a conversation with his father, Butch, that seemed to imply Tyler’s sister, Amber, may have a drug problem, or another serious issue. It was revealed that Amber was living with Butch in Tyler and Catelynn’s old house, and when she was seen on the MTV series her appearance also sparked drug rumors among viewers.

Throughout the episode it is also revealed that the electricity had been shut off in the house and candles were lit to give off light in the home. During the show, viewers also began commenting on the mess that was inside the house, and the behavior of Amber’s children as her daughter was seen walking on the kitchen counter. However, the Teen Mom OG dad took to Twitter to speak out about his sister’s “situation.”

Tyler Baltierra reminded fans that his father Butch is a drug addict and that he has “mastered the art of manipulation.” The Teen Mom OG dad went on to reveal that the electric bill was being transferred from Butch’s name into Amber’s name and that is the reason the power was off, stating that there was no electricity for only four hours during during time. Tyler added that Amber’s children are “fed” and “taken care of.”

Amber Baltierra also spoke out about the fans’ comments on social media, saying that she’s “not ashamed to admit” that she is on food stamps. She also reveals that her appearance on the show was filmed after a very long day at work where she groomed and bathed upwards of 20 dogs. Amber went on to reveal that the scenes were filmed about a week before Thanksgiving and that her father soon went to rehab to deal with his drug addiction. In a video, Tyler’s sister also debunked any rumors that she was using drugs, namely meth.

“Just because I clean up well doesn’t mean I woke up like that!” Amber says in the video. “So, for everybody that thinks I’m on crystal meth, I feel so bad for you. I really do. I really feel bad for you that you’re that, um, naive to the fact of MTV and their editing.”

Fans can see more of Tyler Baltierra and his family when Teen Mom OG airs on Monday nights on MTV.