Donald Trump Has ‘Viking Blood,’ Claims Christian Author David Brody, Using 1930s Nazi Ideology [Video]

Author David Brody has continued on with his press tour, defending his new book, The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography. On Tuesday, February 13, Joe Scarborough and his Morning Joe crew pressed David to prove that President Donald Trump was actually on a “spiritual” Christian journey – one that Joe thought seemed antithetical to some of the things that Trump tweets, as reported by the Inquisitr.

On Wednesday, February 14, CNN’s Chris Cuomo confronted Brody, as seen in the above video, wherein he challenged David to show evidence that Trump is the changed man on a spiritual journey that David claims Trump has become. With the White House coming under fire over the timeline of their knowledge of domestic abuse allegations against Rob Porter, and Trump facing criticism over a tweet that called statements from Porter’s ex-wives and a black-eye photo from one woman “mere allegations,” Brody’s claims of Trump’s deep faith are being met with skepticism during the interviews he’s been the subject of lately.

As seen at the end of the video, Brody also claimed that Trump has “Viking blood,” a phrase sort of reminiscent of the time that Charlie Sheen bragged about having “tiger blood,” as reported by Esquire. Brody’s book, The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography, is already garnering some negative reviews on Amazon, although it was just published on Tuesday.

Brody’s claims of Trump having “Viking blood” might not be all they are cracked up to be. According to an article in The Conversation titled “Vikings were never the pure-bred master race white supremacists like to portray,” the term “Viking” entered the lexicon in the early 1800s and phrases like “Viking blood” began to symbolize a Nazi ideal by the 1930s.

The idea of the Vikings became a notion of “a Germanic master race,” writes the publication, with the “ethnic purity of the Vikings” being a thought process that has “long been debunked.” However, Brody has brought up the theory that Trump’s blood can be traced to contain “Viking blood,” a theory that the website calls one that has been “embraced by white supremacists.”

According to Newsweek, white supremacists are wrong by linking phrases like “Viking blood,” “Viking DNA,” and “Viking ancestors” to mean something they don’t.