WWE Rumors: Jeff Jarrett Reportedly Being Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame, According To Ringside News

Three big names have already been announced for the 2018 class in the WWE Hall of Fame, but there is a rumor floating around that an extremely controversial one could join them. Goldberg is heading this year’s class and he will be joined by Ivory and the Dudley Boyz, but all of the focus is now on someone else. There may not be anything to it all, but word is going around that Jeff Jarrett could be inducted into the hall.

Yes, Jeff Jarrett.

It is obvious that Goldberg is the key attraction to the 2018 class which will be inducted over WrestleMania 34 weekend in April. Three or four more names will likely be announced to join him and the others as inductees, but it’s just really difficult for any longtime wrestling fan to believe that Jarrett could be one of them.

Mike Johnson recently said on the PW Insider hotline that there have been a number of people within WWE saying that Jarrett is up for a spot in the Hall of Fame. Apparently, this is something that has been going around for the past week and the rumors are continuing as WrestleMania 34 gets closer.

But would WWE actually bury their differences and induct him in?

As reported by Ringside News, Johnson said that not only Jarrett being discussed as an inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame but for this year’s class. It seems that rumors of Jarrett being in the 2018 class were still going around as recently as Monday but it was not something he could confirm.

“There are guys inside of WWE that have come to me and said that they have heard that Jeff Jarrett is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. While I have no idea that this is the case or not but there certainly seems to be some smoke floating around. Whether there is fire to that smoke…I don’t know.”

It is no surprise that there has been bad blood between WWE and Jeff Jarrett for years, but some things may have cooled off. As reported by UPROXX, Jarrett officially parted ways with Impact Wrestling back in October to officially end a longtime relationship.

Jeff Jarrett ended up entering a rehabilitation clinic in late October and stayed there for a few months to receive treatment for his addiction issues. The rehab was actually set up by his wife Karen Jarrett and sponsored by WWE which shocked some people, but they’ve helped many past talents with their problems. It’s not yet known if the waters calmed enough for Double J to be elected into the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame, but anything is possible.

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